Emotional Reactions

THE duel and his reactions emotional the darkness spreads at the speed of light: a love expands into the empty. /En the point of no return. Maria Mercedes Lafaurie) etymologically duel means pain and also challenge or battle between two. Grief is a normal reaction to a loss of a loved u object loved, is an experience that is part of existence. Freud States that mourning is a normal process and tends to evolve favourably by itself alone, without any therapeutic intervention. According to Bowlby theory links are established and are developed from early stages in life and tend to last throughout the life cycle, emerging basically as a response to the need for security. It describes the behaviors of attachment such as those that strengthen the link and preserve the nearness or proximity of the person in need. Therefore parental figures play an important role in the security from which, we explored the world and are those relationships that determine our subsequent ability to establish link of affection.

Jaramillo (1992) proposes that every achievement also entails a loss or renunciation and vice versa. In order to grow emotionally, we must leave behind roles, attitudes, illusions, identities or behaviors that correspond to a stage and replace them with others. All this entails duels as a response, and often are not aware of them without knowing the origin of feelings of sadness and pain that often arise in our lives as well. Even events that are happy in appearance are accompanied by unexplained sadness. A physical loss accompanied by symbolic losses, for example, a disability can generate symbolic losses such as loss of autonomy, sense of vulnerability, low self-esteem, etc. The duel is a transitional process. During the process of developing the person adapts to change that involves the loss of a dear person and accept the meaning of such loss. This vital crisis puts to the test our emotional stability.

Cinderella Pink

Do you want to know how to avoid the appearance of a flower girl or bridesmaid color pink in your prom dress? It is assumed you want to exude sophistication and elegance, not looks like a little girl. If so, please read on to find out exactly what needs to be done. By what pink? Pink prom dresses are very coveted at the time and dress can transform from school girl to adult women in an instant. The pink color is very easy to use, since it goes well with most hair colors and skin tones by what is best for the graduation party. But pink can be associated with very young girls so you need to dress to add a bit of sophistication, while maintaining the aura of the young and vibrant. That is so popular, Pink for prom dresses also are a little cheaper than the other colors. You should be able to find a good line selection ranging from US $ 50-100.

What color of pink? The shade of pink that you choose for your dresses of Fiesta 2012 are quite critical. Keep away from the lighter shades of baby pink and others so that it does not appear that they have just arrived from a wedding. Rotate towards the bolder end of the spectrum with Fuchsia and pink lipstick color to send a more mature. However, if you really want a lighter tone, make sure that style of dress tells his story with the classic long queues rather than a style of Cinderella. Really to highlight the crowd and show your side lover fun, attention from around the world with a number of rose.

This exude both flavor and style. What style? To choose their style of dress, be sure to consider the shape of your body and go for a cut that favors his figure. The best ones are the great length sleeveless and complete, but choose something that feels comfortable in. If you are concerned about how you look, it is displayed. A dress with a long skirt and short blouse full, well equipped are incredible and will adapt to most of the body shapes. How to add sophistication and elegance as well as with the shadow of the rose and the style of party 2012 for the party, cocktail and wedding dresses. Specializing in custom tailoring. Do dresses 15 to? you choose, you can do a look dress rose that much more grown up by choosing the right accessories. Silver jewelry is a necessity. He is mature and works well with the pink fabric. A lip pencil to play under the shade of your dress will make you look elegant and well coordinated. For eyes makeup return to the Elimination of jewels in silver with metallic tones. Keep the metal theme goes with shoes, but try to find some for a very feminine look but stylish high heel sandals. So if want to wear pink to the party, keep in mind the shadow and the style of your dress carefully. To make a bold, eye-catching statement go for something in pink. But most importantly accessories with silver metal jewelry, makeup and shoes for a more sophisticated look.

Secret Camera

In March 1993, German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink conducted tests of its new robot archaeologist inside the pyramid of Cheops. Upuat robot (which in Egyptian means "a guide to the world") was instructed to climb through a narrow shaft, inaccessible to humans, and in every possible way to explore them. In fact, in the Great Pyramid of such mines abound: it vents to help in the burial chamber of Pharaoh, for example, maintained a constant temperature. Rudolph ran Upuata into the shaft, extending from the so-called "Queen's Chamber" – a ritual space, in which, however, no queen ever had. No surprises were expected: the robot simply had to go on surface (cleared, by the way, the channel that, in principle, it is useful for the microclimate of the pyramid). However, soon after the introduction of the researcher in mechanical tunnel Egyptologists the world almost had a stroke: Upuat buried in the door of white limestone, with metal parts. This discovery immediately proclaimed "the discovery a decade." It was assumed that the door is the same "secret chamber" of which now go for about a century archaeological legend! For example, an American researcher John Kinnaman pieamid before his death, said that in 1926 he found in the desert, sanded passage to a "technical room" of the pyramid of Cheops, where he had seen similar to mechanisms objects. However, the authorities forbade him to publish the discovery and re-filled entry.

Relatively recently, the French geophysicists definitely found a suspicious voids inside the pyramid of Cheops. AND But in 1993 Gantenbrink robot is getting closer to a possible door into a secret chamber … And suddenly, the study was discontinued! Without explaining the reasons, the Egyptian authorities have banned further drilling. To date, the "door Gantenbrink "-the most urgent mystery of the pyramid of Cheops. With regard to what is behind it, build a variety of assumptions from the tomb of Cheops mother, which holds no treasure estimates, and ending with a hangar, in which left its construction equipment aliens. In any case, it is clear that tourists there be allowed a very, very soon. Source: