This is a task that will only have success if the society also if integrar' '. The City of Lizard also is making its part, being able to be cited the event ' ' Lizard against the drugs, Wins the vice! Alive the life! ' ' , that it was carried through in day 13 of March of 2010, in the Cultural Space Charles Brcio, where lectures had been presented, debates, depositions of former-users, finishing with a walk for the streets of the city, where pupils and professors of the Municipal net of Education had been gifts. Another project that has focus of action the same also was presented in day 16 of April of 2010, in the Municipal School Monsignor Daltro, Colony Thirteen, intitled ' ' Alive happy without drogas' '. It is interesting to emphasize that initiatives as these are always gifts in the schools of the city with the presentation of lectures on the subject, having as objective to acquire knowledge the young on the danger them drugs for itself and the society, so that these never have courage to try. Same intention is of the prevention so that this badly if does not spread each time more. In the direction to also offer aid to the devoid ones and to the drugged ones, all the above-mentioned Centers of Social Assistance are inserted in the city of Lizard, since the city is considered critical in relation to crack, deserving a special attention on the part of the controllers. Through the AD CAPS, the chemical dependents receive adjusted treatment, with specialized psychologists and professionals, having a possibility of if exempting of this terrible vice and coming back toward the society, searching a new chance of life. An organization that receives drugged and that it deserves sufficiently has detached, and that she is situated in the city of Lizard is the Farm of the Hope, an entity that helps young if to exempt of the drugs.

Other Drugs

In such a way, he is guaranteed the users of health services, and to that they suffer from decurrent upheavals of the use and abuse alcohol and other drugs, the universality and totality of access and right to the assistance. The estruturao of services next to the social conviviality of its users is still praised, configuring more intent assistenciais nets to the existing inaqualities, adjusting to the actions in accordance with the necessities of the population. Thus, the Politics of the Health department for Integral Attention the Alcohol Users and Other Drugs must be articulated internally with other programs with approach in the city, the local communities and the reality of the family, especially with the Strategy of health of the family (ESF), even so, in the majority of the units of health (USFs, UBS) with implanted ESF, still if they have few actions for the demand of users with related mental upheavals to the consumption of crack, being the internment the main taken measure front to this case. In the year of 2004 the Health department through Portaria 2,197/2004, redefined and extended the integral attention the alcohol user and other drugs, in the scope of the SUS being that in its Art. 2 establishes that the Program of Integral Attention the Alcohol Users and Other Drugs have as its main components:

Component of the basic attention; Component of the CAPS-ad, ambulatory attention in and the other specialized extra-hospital units; Component of the hospital attention of reference; e; Component of the net of social support (associations of mutual aid and entities of the civil society), to complement to the net of services disponibilizados for the SUS. (BONADIO, 2010 apud BRAZIL, 2004, pg.180) According to Ministry of Health (BRAZIL, 2000), the attributions of one Team of Strategy of Health of the Family are: To know the reality of the families/community; to identify to problems of health and situations of risco’ ‘ ; to together elaborate a local planning of health with the community; to reorganize the work process; to execute, in accordance with the planned qualification of each professional, actions; to create bond with the community; to be resolutive and to direct when necessary, respecting the system of reference and against-reference for units more specialized the dependent customers of crack’ ‘ ; to give integral assistance of continuous and rationalized form, aiming at to promote the health through the education in health; to develop educative processes with the community in form of groups; to promote action intersetoriais; to construct, next to the team and to the community, a sanitary conscience (citizenship, rights in health) through the exercise of the social control.

Noticiero Digital

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