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Page of the Agency: discover Italy cycling is the new trend in tourism. It’s cycling, a new science as for vacations, which associates with the pleasure of fun the healthy sport bike. A significant number of fans refers to active vacation and those cities of Italy organised from always cycling events to fund and that the year have attracted. With the increase of the return cicilista calendar, we have hotels tailored to cyclists. The Italy Bike Hotel Hotels are known in Italy and abroad for his services to the bikes. Every Italy Bike Hotel has bicycles, laundry and technical service deposit, map of the circuit, and all the comfort to relax after tired pedaling, of comforting food and massages. Italy Italia Bike Hotels are distributed throughout the Region of Italy or almost, Emilia Romana with its rotation of San Giovese, the Nove Colli and the itineraries by the hills, to the Tretino con il Giro delle Dolomiti, reaching Puglia through the Marche of Tuscany. All cyclists itinearios and the proposed services are studied to assess each region and, together with the tour and its degree of difficulty, the hotel for bicycles porpone gastronomic typical products of the region. But leaving aside the details, what are the requirements of a true holiday with bike hotels in Italy that they can guarantee? A day in a hotel for bicycles this full power and the hotel has: tours i maps cyclists by degree of difficulty – expert guide to drive the athletes along the itineraries for travel sites known or turns unexplored. – professional athletes available to bike – accessories and technical service – deposit and bicycles Office – food with high-energy – gym, massages and wellness to relax and do Center bodybuilding Italy cycling becomes truly fascinating above all that each region has its particularities, and, if you love cycling then in Italy you can live it in 360!


This is the end of this sad story, but I hope it has helped you to look at the world and life with different eyes, from another angle. The truth is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. And despite everything that has happened and what will happen to reine joy! especially if we think of children, mira I say one thing, if you have a problem and you worry about this, looks at a child for a few minutes, tomato time playing with him, and ask yourself what happens, during the time that was playing with this child is wonderful, because I felt well, because I have forgotten about my problem, is that in this time?the problem was not the same, what has changed? Educator took the child in her arms and disappeared with the crying with sobs and agitated inside the nursery. That scene has impressed me so much, that now when I put it on paper, it makes me the willies, as 41 years ago, when it occurred. The truth is that I’ve hesitated far out to the light, but at the end I decided that somebody’s going to learn something from that unfortunate and painful episode, I definitely don’t want to happen something like this with my children. From then until now I am firmly convinced that the child was right, the simply wanted to be with his father, with his family. I don’t know how was the day for that child, but mine was terrible, could not think of anything else, saw the desperate face of that poor boy screaming again and again: Pope no te vayas, Dad don’t let me here on the other hand, how was your day for the father, have to stick to your child, so as to leave him at daycareto go to work, to keep his family?, how have you felt? In conclusion, my opinion is that children are wise of nature, are hearts strong, although they seem without amparo and dependent on their parents, concentrate only on things of life, if you want to see the truth of this life look a child in the eyes, there you will find purity and many answers of how to be prosperous. Practical exercise: identifies a child in your family or family a friend and study it with all seriousness, you have to be convinced that children are people more prosperous on the planet.

Imitates their behaviour, Ponte for 10 minutes each day in the shoes of a child, conduct yourself as if you were a child, sure you will have fun a lot. He meditates 10 minutes on the child which you took as an object of study, try to see the world through their eyes. Of course, try to do those things in your House, because if your friends, your neighbors or your co-workers will find you will be the laughing stock of the month. Video GRATUIT * or: how to reprogram your mind to be the leader of your MLM business. Click here and download it now. At the end let me a comment on this article, your opinion is very important to me. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei DominTuNegocioMultinivel.