Objective: Save Public Health

Public, accessible and quality healthcare is one of the best indicators of the Spanish welfare state. Its almost universal coverage and good results make that these accolades are not only left in the paper: is also one of the best valued by the citizens services. The reality of the accounts, however, offers a different image; of a public health with a debt that experts estimated at about 11 billion euros. It is a chronic deficit the autonomies – responsible for its management – trying to tackle. An injection of funds that meet that hole (something that has been done at other times) is practically unworkable at this time of cramped, so the margin for manoeuvre is limited short-term. Managers are implementing measures of savings and cuts, but without a change of concept and an improvement in efficiency can put at risk the quality of a system of international prestige. Yesterday, PSOE and CiU agreed to define criteria that allow greater transparency and savings in healthcare. The Socialists were prepared to go to agreement with Catalan nationalists in this matter. Source of the news:: objective: save the public health


She accomodated a cannula in the installed catheter of the previous day, bound the machine and she started the procedure. I gave attention eagerly to everything, in a feeling of fear, but reliable also unrestricted. Engenhoca produced a noise monotonous, modorrento, hipnotizante. The nurse sat down it the side and started to turn pages a magazine. I tried to pull one conversinha to move away sleep, but I perceived that it more was interested in the magazine. The weighed eyelids had been being each time more, uncontrollable weighed.

I closed the eyes per some instants I breathed deeply, gostosamente. When April the eyes again, nurse already was of foot analyzing the collected material. – Excellent collection. Congratulations! Exclamou it. – Already it finished? That hours are? – eighteen hours! It slept you as an angel! Four hours if had passed in one to close of eyes. I remembered that during madorna I dreamed of my Julia son, at the time with six years of age. I bound for it: – I dreamed of you, Julinha! In the dream you sang for me one cantiga of wheel that learned in escolinha.

– How he was cantiga? – I do not remember. It spoke of flowers, plantinhas. – All cantiga of child speaks of flowers! – Pra Sings one seeing if it was the one that I dreamed! it sang: – Rosemary/golden Rosemary/That it was born in the field/Without being sown The life to the times in the reserve inexplicable only situations e. He was cantiga of my dream. – It sings more a bit! I asked for. it sang It repeated! It repeated It interrupted me to the nurse: – You it is well? – I am very well! Respondi. – And the tears? I passed the hands in the face and perceived filetes of hot tears rolling on my perplexity, my encantamento. The transplant was carried through successfully. Two months after, I received high hospital in definitive character. Later, in colloquy with friends, bradei with illegitimate altivez: – The year of 2004 is a chapter that I will pull out of the book of my life! Interlocutors talked back wisely: – Book pages do not pull out! The direction of the plot is taken off. It does not mutilate the book of its life! Famous cooks use in its prescriptions unexpected ingredients, bitter grass, to give to its plates flavors special. The spices are always bitter or spiced Today I will have supper lombo to the gravy of grass. of rosemary.