Bad Breath

Bad breath is a topic that affects not only patients, but also their surroundings. To attract someone on his breath is considered rude and is therefore usually tacitly accepted. This bad breath can be fought now also permanently, with CB12 from your online pharmacy A quarter of the population suffers from bad breath anyway. As people in their own body odor gradually, many not striking even often, that her breath smells unpleasant. Stubbornly adheres the rumor that bad breath is caused by disorders of the stomach. Actually, is halitosis but not a disease, but finds its origin in the oral cavity, usually on the posterior third of the tongue, as well as in the gingival pockets and between the teeth. However, persistent bad breath by short-term is to delineate.

In the short term there everyone out and back to bad breath, for example, after consumption of garlic, or on an empty stomach. Causes of bad breath permanently combat with CB12 halitosis is in the caused mostly by decay processes triggered by bacteria, especially when inadequate dental care and lack of oral hygiene. Unpleasant smelling breath arises when certain enzymes of bacteria in the mouth of food scraps to amino acids decompose. Volatile sulfur compounds, so various sulfur gases produced during this decomposition process. These are responsible for the bad smell and are at the exhale perceived as bad breath.

Since the night less saliva is produced, which inhibits the growth of bacteria during the day, many people suffer from bad breath especially in the morning. A normal mouth wash or a special mouth spray covering the bad smell while in the short term, eliminate but not the cause. How does CB12 against the bad breath? CB12 consists of a patented combination of active ingredients. This combination of 0.3% zinc acetate and 0.025% chlorhexidine can the foul-smelling sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan, and borane neutralize, resulting in double-blind has been demonstrated in clinical trials. A unique flush with CB12 is usually sufficient to prevent bad breath up to 12 hours. To prevent morning bad smells in breath the application of CB12 rinsing is morning and evening brushing your teeth after. The sodium fluoride contained in CB12 offers information about the mail-order pharmacy, as well as CB12 protection against Karies.Weitere, see


Applicants to the Congress of the Republic place where you decide the future of a country (extreme responsibility matter) can not be called by political parties; because these venues are places of a high concentrate of corruption. Places where prevailing the most heinous political favors in exchange for money. And why say this?: by what you read below: this information the Peru 21 newspaper published on Thursday 3 February of this year: inflated results voted ghosts? At the national level: in Huari (Ancash), list no. 2 Congressman Wilder Calderon headed by won by 338 votes, against 12. The curious thing is in place there is only 243 enrolled apristas. Recuay (Ancash), the same list won by 121 to 36, despite the fact that the Justice of the peace in the area verified that election there was no. In Chimbote, Alberto Altamirano Velasquez, Chairman of Board, stated under oath that 150 votes was inflated. In Lambayeque to they voted 3,000 apristas, but over 6,500 votes appear in the records.

In Huancayo, in the minutes appear 800 votes when they actually went to the polls 306. Tarma attended 38 militants, but more than 200 votes appear in the records. 93 Voters participated in Cura Mori (Piura), but 265 votes appear in the minutes. In Puno they covered 359, but 1,700 votes appear in the minutes and so on in Loreto and in metropolitan Lima. And Monday, February 7 of this year, the same newspaper tells us that: Cesar Catano businessman who is not really his name paid to Mr Humberto Pinazo candidate to the Presidency for the Party (JUSTE) justice, technology and ecology the sum of $ 2 million, so I placed it as number 1 on the list for its Party Congress.

This is why as I repeat the fate of our country you can not be in the hands of these so called political parties to summon the applicants to the Congress of the Republic, it must be requested, Emplacement, require; the contest of professionals with master’s degrees and doctorates, in the various most important professions in the constitutional life of a country. (Doctors, lawyers, sociologists, anthropologists, engineers, constitutionalists, policy analysts, economic, etc.) Call for proposals, registration and necessary selection of candidates; you would be in charge of a suitable for the subject entity. The one which could be the same constitutional work in something or, if not, the same Congress, in a unit apart. It is time that our country has a true Parliament of quality, and is not visible in its interior to more days Susys how is it possible that Pepe Vazquez, wants to be a member of this Congress? poor, but he does not blame for the tremendous irresponsibility of the party that calls it. It is my humble opinion.