Occupational Therapist

The Dutch occupational therapist and expert on talker Eelke Verschuur finally opened your Web shop for Germany. The number of children in Germany, who must perceive an occupational therapy treatment is increasing. Experts see this development mainly this reason that children today simply and touchingly too little move, because only by moving a child can get to know his body and feel. There are of course cases that are far more serious and profound and not sedentary, but physical or mental disabilities fu? en. The Dutch occupational therapist Eelke Verschuur is dedicated to just such cases. In addition to your engaging work as an occupational therapist has made it Eelke Verschuur mission, to develop therapeutically valuable toys, computer software and hardware, as well as tools for people with disabilities to communicate and distribute. Especially when people on dyslexia, autism, down syndrome and dementia or suffer from vision problems, these tools were already big in the past? en success. Now, brings your online shop in Germany at the start of the Dutch committed and wants to help so many other persons concerned with their expertise.

In addition to numerous success stories in the Netherlands, there are even in this country, people who are already familiar with the tools of Eelke Verschuur. “It’s been again a couple of years, that we bought a talking photo album for our multiple handicapped son Andy. At the time, Andy had no way to tell someone something. He lived in his own world, and it rarely emerged. The talking photo album proved a perfect bridge between Andy and his environment”, reports Monique, the mother of an affected child. The talking photo album caused even what many therapists were thought to be impossible: Andy showed more interest, even pleasure, to communicating with other people and could get involved more and more in its environment.

In addition to the talking photo album Andy used today also a big Mack by Eelke Verschuur. “We have taken a BIGmack in use, so that Andy can more easily make its contribution in various situations. The BIGmack is a constant element of his luggage now ….” This type of communication helps concerned not only with the environment, but can have a positive influence in the global development of the patient. “Stories like that of Andy motivate me to tackle my career every day with the same enthusiasm. I hope that I can reach a lot more people through the Web shop for Germany and assist patients and their families in dealing with their disease”Eelke Verschuur describes their objective. All products by Eelke Verschuur finally in whole Germany available are available since last Friday. The online shop is available at and will be its customers not only with the right products, but also with the latest news around the topics of occupational therapy and supported communication provide.