Choosing A Camera

Make a comparison between the two digital SLR cameras, the two competing companies: Nikon and Canon. I propose to compare the following models: Nikon D200 and Canon EOS 5D. We will try to hold a new series of benchmark surveys and regular time to push their heads against amateur and professional photographers who worship two different brands of these global giants photography. Although digital cameras have got us on the operating table, there are several different price categories, today there is no difficulty to obtain a bank loan, and will soon become the proud owner of serious photography. Despite the fact that the prices on these models are noticeably different, it is useful to remember that they are calculated on the same category of users, I mean, as a semi-professional photographers, both beginners and professionals.

Although be honest, never understood how a professional can be a beginner? If he is a professional, as it can be called a beginner? But if a man with a camera novice master, it is not the fact that once he becomes a professional! As I understand, now considers himself a professional one, who wears a belly equipment from Nikon or Canon. Well, it was awarded one who has a lot of money in your pocket, or know a place where to get credit. If you do not go into the parameters of these models, it suggests the following conclusion: Both devices copes with its task. And to admit the difference between them is not serious. Here, for example, D200 surpassed Canon's rate of fire, and the EOS 5D in terms of noise at ISO 500 and more open picture at the expense of the matrix series full-size. Thus, D200: high speed burst shooting as always on top, high-quality auto-focus, even in a room with low lighting, the presence of AF frame, excellent quality built-in flash, the availability of quality power compensation built-in flash, a wide range of exposure, white balance is realistic, according to the present professional management of, the autofocus button on the issued separately, a more affordable price.

That As for Canon 5D: differences in more serious resolution, excellent dynamic range, smooth tonal transitions. It is worth mentioning a very soft colors, good results at high ISO. Matrix of a series of "full size" will allow use at full wide-angle lenses. More powerful, so fast processor. Better behavior at high shutter speeds, sharper pictures than the Nikon D200. Large and bright viewfinder, clearer panel.

Mining Equipment

Specialists conducted a small survey among boys 10 to 12 years of age and by experience have found that even children to the question, "what mining machinery?" Immediately and confidently called three positions: excavators, bulldozers and heavy trucks. A further survey of adult professionals working directly in the quarries of the Chelyabinsk region, confirmed that indeed it is these types of equipment are the most widely used open development of mining industries worldwide. In addition, we found that, in Russia's traditional is the use of mining equipment of domestic producers. However, the market is not standing still, and according to dealers of foreign manufacturers mining excavators and ARBs, customers, working in the mining industry to get better and better to take your money and pay attention not only on the price of, say, an excavator, but also on its performance, watch the cost of standard hour maintenance, calculate fuel consumption for the production of cubic meters of rock. Russian wins the technology until just before the import price – is widely known fact and, unfortunately, the word "tradition", in relation to domestic engineering, often loses its original noble image. Mine excavators Excavators park enterprises engaged in the development of mountain rocks, most of them are traditionally represented by domestic production by machines 'Uralmash' ON 'Izhora factory' (OMZ – Uralmash-Izhora Group), PO 'Krastyazhmash', Inc. 'NKMZ, JSC Donetskgormash', Inc. 'Azovmash' (Zhdanovtyazhmash ). Recently, however, is the apparent increase in the number of purchased foreign excavators. Among the most popular cars of the following manufacturers: Hitachi (Japan), Komatsu (Japan), Kobelko (Japan), BOLA Ladetechnik (Germany), Caterpillar (USA).