In other words: facilitates the control of emotions or affections, developing that part of the intellect considered as regulated, emotional intelligence, how not by brain structures that make up the emotional brain (Corpus Callosum and limbic system). Theoretically this would be the part of the sensitive brain to melody; in terms of rhythm and harmony, they register respectively in basic brain (brainstem and reticular system) and in the cortical or rational brain (cerebral hemispheres). Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. and gain more knowledge.. In final three levels brain, from the bottom up: Basic, emotional and cortical, for three musical elements: rhythm, melody and harmony. Three interconnected areas on which we can influence through music. Your application focuses especially on imbalances psychics such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, the infantile autism or psychosis, being also suitable to achieve the abandonment of toxic such as alcoholism or drug addiction habits; In addition, it is beneficial in cardiovascular disorders such as high blood pressure and is indicated in the treatment of the pain of a diverse nature. Schematically we can realize: the rhythm would act as a power generator in the States of dejection, how relaxing melody or override of excitation and harmony as an activator of rationality. We all have in mind relaxing melodies, powerful rhythm parts and compositions of great harmonic richness.

Choose them and apply them, in proportion and variants, corresponds already to experts in the field. There are currently good musicians who collaborate significantly with his music in this field as Yanni, Kitaro and who are interested in this writing Nawang Khechog, the Tibetan musician, Nawang Khechog, is one of the leading musicians modern Tibet. It translates the traditional sounds of culture and Tibetan spiritual heritage into original compositions. He was a Buddhist monk and retired as a hermit to a cave for four years, dedicated to meditation and philosophy. When he emerged from his autoexilio, he travelled to Australia, where was nationalized and learned to play one of the oldest instruments in the world, the Aboriginal Didgeridoo, a long wooden flute, made with the branches and trunks of a species of eucalyptus, perforated in a natural way by termites.

Understanding Humans

A powerful current of opinion in charge exists to preach the supremacy of the man on the rest of the animal species in fields like intelligence, conscience and empathy. We did not talk about the objectively quantitative fact, but to the stubborn defense of which certain caracterstas are own solely of the human beings. In fact, the difference of intelligence or conscience of one same one is a simple cuantitiva question, nonqualitative. A human intelligence or feelings does not exist and other animal, everything is question of degrees. Historically science and the philosophy been have ballast by the anthropocentrism and surprises that, in the 21st century, it continues being the dominant current. From the absence of soul in the dogs in the Islamic tradition to predominant astronomical geocentrism to the s. XVI. From veterinarians who defend that the bulls do not suffer during the fight, until etlogos and experts in canine behavior that defend that to a dog it is necessary to try to him like that, a dog, not like a person.

About this limo, from soon he is more comfortable for the proprietor of the animal, or the canine trainer, to treat to the animal like individuals epsiln. That type of treatment, can take to the animal, following its genetic predisposition, to serious psychological problems that end up generating more difficulties of those than the treatment dueo=jefe of the herd tries to solve. ven P Rosenthal offer more in-depth analysis. In spite of which we see in TV programs or some confused proprietors of animal stores say to us, the relation with our mascot, is this one dog, cat or any other species, has to be natural, so that it exceeds we report the evident benefits that the psychologists do not stop to explain: improvement of autismo, syndrome of asperger, depression, solitude, etc. Between us and our animal will be developed to a special relation of empathy and knowledge we dealt if them with respect, affection and honesty. Quickly our friend will learn what he bothers to us of his behavior and, with naturalness, will avoid to do it. This in no case means that it is not necessary to have an order hierarchic, but rather, that this will have to be imposed from the respect and the empathy, of the human way. Perhaps so much is not being believed the center of the Universe but, perhaps, of a utilitarismo of the man on the Nature.

Finding The Right Prepaid Provider

Which of the big vendors best suits my usage patterns? With a new mobile phone and the associated new features standing mostly before the election of a new mobile phone contract. To keep track is due to the huge selection of cell phone providers and their offers hardly possible. We want to give you assistance at this point, so you can find the appropriate contract from the variety. A credit card is still the most cost effective option for many mobile users. The advantages are obvious: the monthly cost can easily be overlooked and eliminates the constant contract fees.

But on what points should providers be observed when a new prepaid? No ultimate solution to first of all must be said, there is not the perfect, universal Treaty. Because each mobile user needs vary. Some people use a phone only in an emergency. Others, however, calls several hours a day. Before a contract is concluded, be first exactly clear itself, such as the mobile phone used should be, and how much money per month are available for the mobile use. A question of the provider at the first glance there are dozens of different providers.

You look closely however, are only four different network provider selection: T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 and E-plus. The rest are only companies who use the power of the four big companies. Each provider has it advantages and disadvantages. For example, T-Mobile offers a very good cell phone reception, but at the same time the most expensive contracts. The base provider are priced almost always below the main providers. However, both use the same network. So an SMS costs about 15 cents per SMS at T-Mobile even at the low-cost provider of Klarmobil only 9 cents. A shortcoming of the entrepreneur is missing customer service subdivision. The contracting, as well as the recharge of the account running over the Internet or the telephone. There are no shops, where customers seek advice or help can be. Who places value (often elderly), should go to one of the major capital providers. Who be Smartphone in everyday use to surf the Internet, the available number of megabytes should pay attention. Exceeding the MB, the connection is slow. Here, the focus is on a correspondingly high value should be. So, Smartphone users need often no significant number of free SMS. On the safe side to recommend the provider Discotel is ‘: currently is available on the home page a spring action. At the closing of a contract, the customer receives three months given to 50 free minutes, 50 free SMS and optionally a 50 percent discount on an Internet flat rate (200 MB) for the first. Regular, both an SMS and the minute in each network costs 7.5 cents. For contracts without a minimum term you pay 9.95 euros for the Starter once. Markus Schwenke