Social Evolution

Historical evolution of nursing. Since there is always the disease and have always been people charged with caring for the sick, a role that women who exercised the herbs or remedies applied, knowledge that had been transmitted from mother to daughter. The number of people dedicated to providing care to patients increased with the advent of Christianity and the construction of hospitals, but the training of persons involved in the care of patients a "what today is the nursing profession, was virtually null, and those were limited to food and rudimentary techniques. To understand the current reality, it still requires a review of developments in the profession over the centuries, because nursing is a profession old and young together. Antigua why in the struggle for human survival has always been a person-usually the woman who has cared for children, the sick, wounded, but why is a young profession to nineteenth century of our era, there was not a specific training for this professional group, now known as nurses. This is not only an independent reality, but a consequence of past and knowledge of the roots will help to understand the current reality of nursing. The pillars of this first part rests on several points.

The first is the description of events and characters, on which was based on progress of the profession through the centuries. On ethical and moral content, laws and beliefs, not to mention the socio-cultural context itself ultimately in an all-encompassing. A level of scenario it is assumed that due to the division of labor, women played a leading role in the practice of the priests in prehistory, a role which aims to "ensure the maintenance and continuity of life." The woman becomes a caregiver for children or sick, taking the concept of caring in the broadest sense: to feed, protect from cold and heat, …

Luis Flores

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Link Farm

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