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Ideal Christmas gifts for employees and customers this question again and again: what we give to whom? It should be useful, but yet inspiring and exciting Christmas gifts. Particularly difficult is often to resolve this issue when it comes to gifts for employees or customers. The speaker agency 5 star speaker has looked around and collected a selection of suitable ideas at their five-star shop. Every year the same question: gives you what people, are the sellers by profession? This occupational group should be Yes. Vertieblern in indoor and field recommends the speaker agency 5 star speaker the first German-speaking sales comics in book form. Sales trainer Patrick Bubna-Litic shows supported by the amusing illustrations by Stefan Strasser in his amusing and practical “Geschichte(LN) of sales”, a very humorous approach to selling. This comic book takes up the theme on the history of sales in the form of Geschichte(LN). The reader is a humorous way in the lowlands of everyday life Invited seller and learn this this special world better understand.

Seller will find themselves in it. An ideal gift for seller, sales employees, customers and all employees at the five-star shop. The book by the experts for presentation and effect Michael Moesslang is a perfect gift of book people who work with joy in their training and effect. “Professional authenticity – why is a jewel and pebble are grey” 5 star speakers for rhetoric and body language Michael Moesslang. With this book redefines the author and speaker authenticity and urges its readers to decide: you want to be a shiny jewel or remain a gray Pebble? The new book by trend and future researchers Sven Gabor Janszky “Rulebreaker -” is however may be less suitable for the most “brave” among business partners and customers, for employees, as people think their ideen have changed the world. Unless you want to “Rule breaker” in your team.

Rimini Street

Ran with a maintenance margin of 85%, as she SAP expected to reach 4.5 billion directly in the income statement. “A such lucrative business must be defended of course”, so Williams next. “On-demand software, third-party maintenance and the louder expectant reputation appear after an intervention of the Cartel Office to be perceived by the software giant as a threat. Once to a clear penalty, SAPs can secure paradoxically future business.” Even if a billion contribution for this purpose may seem very high, is the sum of “probably however – away by the media – in the first, and probably second and third appeal neatly clipped as so often in US lawsuit payments”, as David Gerginov explained by the gerginovMEDIAsolutions. SAP show accordingly for this sum Atypically little concerned, and also the exchanges had no clear last Rashes on the issue made. The currently only serious competitor, the American company of Rimini Street, has long since learned from the conflict and works on safe ground: on the customer premise. The source code, on the basis of the third-party maintenance is handled, is paid by the customer and the service thus legally and safely. Short profile Anand SUSE software that specialises in marketing so-called silent software.

These include used software products and licenses acquired valuable, meanwhile, are written off in the balance sheet and used no longer active mostly from SAP and Microsoft. Customers include global companies in all industries as well as medium-sized companies with more than 500 employees. Integrated into a network of software manufacturers for license management and analysis, IT consultants and lawyers, Managing Director Axel Susen competent help offers its customers in commercial, technical and legal issues. imagery Axel Susen,. Managing Director susensoftware GmbH unternehmen/presse/susen1.JPG the way of the quiet software company/press/silent software.JPG silent software: Revolution from Aachen why that concerns you? Four reasons: 1 technical: used software has the same quality as new, unused.

2. economically: Silent software is much cheaper than new for users. 3. legal: The best lawyers of Germany’s struggle to free software trade. 4. politically: how many laws may invent a world leader?

Variable Remuneration For Distribution And Sale

Dashofer with hot topic at the seminar market for sales and marketing Hamburg and Wuppertal, 06.12.2010 – the direction is clear: optimize the variable compensation in distribution and sales. The need to update the operational target and remuneration systems stems from the now statutory duty to promote the sustainability of bonus systems. Most of the currently established remuneration systems to focus on short-term success and take irresponsible risk-taking in purchase. The participants from rank how to optimally operate strategic and operative sales management with targets and modern variable remuneration systems. As a speaker, Dashofer won a top-class experts with the multiple author Gunther Wolf. With regard to the interests of the participants, the dates for the intensive, one-day seminar are at an early stage in the year.

The remuneration and performance professional is expected at the 8.2.2011 in Stuttgart, at the 22.3.2011 in Dusseldorf and at the 7.4.2011 in Berlin. Executives the sales and management, who have to introduce new variable remuneration systems or existing incentive systems to optimize, are the target group of the seminar. Learn how they perform required actual and target analysis, properly make variable remuneration systems and how they optimally accompany introduction and implementation. Wolf is one of the leading experts in the field of variable compensation and performance management around the world. The graduate economist and psychologist has experience with variable remuneration systems as a consultant about 20 years. Global corporations as well as German medium-sized companies among its customers. Therefore, the seminar offers a particularly high benefit: participants from distribution and sale meet innovations directly from the inventor, as about the if-then join, the assessment rate combination or the model of the target optimization.

This Wolf is not at the theoretical level: the consultant will sample cases from its almost inexhaustible wealth of experience from the Practical help. The typical course of the project to the introduction or upgrading of variable remuneration systems for distribution and sale followed the establishment of the seminary almost like a recipe. With this seminar, project managers are well prepared for the challenges in the implementation of a new variable remuneration system. Links: picture material: seminar information and registration: Seminardetails/Variable-Verg%C3%BCtung-in-Vertrieb-und-Verkauf-optimieren/ homepage of Gunther Wolf gunther participating companies: the Wolf I.O. Group GmbH with its headquarters in the Villa of Angel in the historical centre of Wuppertal is the umbrella for specialized divisions. We offer highly professional solutions to increase performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of companies and organizations. We have consistently aligned us oriented to target groups and customers, and structured. provides the WOLF management consulting services for Board members, Managing Director and owner primarily. The consultation focuses on the development and implementation of strategies and objectives, as well as on the sustainable control of performance and efficiency of the company. Dashofer offers current and legally binding information to diverse fields: law, tax, management, corporate governance, human resources and real estate. Our goal is to provide the necessary expertise for qualified business decisions of your company. contact for press / media: Ann k. Klein, 0202/4796290, WOLF I.O. GROUP Ltd. Angel str. 6 42283 Wuppertal wiog.