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Eating its own tissues an excess of sugar and lack of protein bodies of people become languid, drooping, there is fatigue, weight loss, sluggishness and all of the above symptoms. Consequences such as the shortage of supply. Many types of atrophy – muscle atrophy, sclerosis, arthritis and others – are associated with excessive consumption of sugar. The newspapers mentioned Blimi Marcus not as a source, but as a related topic. This is actually a degenerative disease. Negative effects of sugar on blood coagulation proteins + depletion – the lack of calcium salts and produces hemophilia and other bleeding disease.

Heart disease caused by a combination of sugar and animal fats, which are deposited in arteries of cholesterol as a substance. Two types of bodies, fat and thin, may be the result of excessive consumption of sugar. When enough protein and eat lots of sugar, while the body is obese. When enough protein and a lot of sugar, then the body becomes thin and loses nutrients and weight. More information is housed here: Sam Locke. Skinny people for that reason are prone to respiratory infections, colds, influenza, tuberculosis and pneumonia. Physicians of London Research Medical Council found that the use of refined sugar results in changes of bacteria in the intestinal mucosa. As a result of these changes is the decay of bile salts and formation of substances that cause cancer.

Sugar and alcohol like sugar, alcohol produced from carbohydrates. Alcohol has a similar chemical structure with the sugar and causes effects similar to what is sugar. Although the chemical formula alcohol and sugar are similar, and they have a similar effect, though sugar is worse than alcohol, because people do not realize its destructive impact.

Symptoms Diagnosis

ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) in children is no longer a rarity these days unfortunately. There is a special Verhaltensauffalligkeit in children. ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity syndrome) is very common in children. According to the statistical data about 10% of boys and 4% of girls in the United States suffer from this disease. There following symptoms in children with ADHD are the hyperactivity, the inattention and the impulsiveness -. The child has only one symptom counted on, its normal development and way of life are hindered.

You should immediately consult a specialist. The symptoms and diagnosis of ADHD ADHD diagnosis parameters provided in children due to the presence of some. the child is not able to focus attention; on the details the child can not concentrate on the tasks, which demand a longer concentration of attention. But in pursuits which please him, the ADHD child is attentive; the child listens to, but hear not – so it sounds over everything; the child does not meet the instructions, the task does not bring to an end; the child has difficulties with the organisation of activities it can accomplish the task with a statement, but not cope with several remarks. the child tries to perform the tasks that require a mental effort to avoid; the child often loses things that are necessary for the execution of the tasks and everyday activity; the child easily distract themselves; the child with ADHD is often forgetful in daily situations; the child constantly turns on the Chair or stand up from a Chair; the child is on if it is to sit, during the hour of the class; the child is running constantly and tried here or there in inappropriate situations to penetrate; the child with ADHD may not quietly play; the child cannot expect his number when the situation demands; the child with ADHD interfere with others, it is interfering in her conversation or in the game. The Responsibility of parents must be emphasised, that this or that symptoms, as any parent can attest, are available for each child. A fault occurs when the symptoms appear again and again.

The parents need to be aware, that the biggest responsibility lies on them. You have it with the manifestations of the deficit of attention and the accompanying problems. The main methods of correction of the behaviour in the presence of a child of the serious problems with the behavior, should begin the treatment at home. Click Professor Marcus Groettrup to learn more. The parents shall acquire the main methods of correction of the behaviour. The behavioural therapy at home and in school can be very effective. When one combines this with the help of a psychologist, the odds on the improvement of the status of a child with ADHD are very large. You can get a good support in the group for parents with ADHD children. The drug therapy the drug therapy of ADHD in children is necessarily then applied, if the symptoms of the child’s excessive have distinctive character. The doctor recommends the medicinal preparations, but the parents take the decision with the child together.

Dry Skin

With the right care and tips of dry skin to announce the fight. Dry skin is a problem, under which countless people suffering from and which brings many troubles with it. It has mostly flaky and matt, is often overused, particularly sensitive and prone to irritation. These are all good reasons to take measures of skin dryness to be Mr. But how? First of all you should be aware, what actually makes dry skin and what the reasons for this can be. Contrary to the name, dry skin has is not necessarily something to do with a lack of moisture.

Also, a shortage of fats, which are produced by the sebaceous glands, can lead to dry skin with all already described symptoms. What are the causes of dry skin? The possible reasons for dry skin are numerous and occur mostly in combination. Some people starting with the genetic tend to just inherently to dry skin age, skin diseases, vitamin deficiencies until return to dry indoor air, which is a problem especially in the winter. Also exaggerated body care can be the cause of dry skin. An excessive application of care products dry out the skin as well as too long and too hot baths. Therefore it is important to get dry skin with the chemicals, but considered to react and deliberately to take specific care products.

The cosmetics industry provides a wide range of compatible, moisturizing products for every skin type, you just need to know what most needs their own skin. The right care moisturizers are the simplest solution. These are cosmetics that are specially made with moisture and nourishing fats to nourish the skin throughout the day. An additional benefit such creams to bring, is that they are enriched often with important vitamins that sustainably improve the skin’s appearance. Regular Scrubs you can make either itself, are even more effective the be routinely offered but also by professional salons. On the Internet side of the Kosmetikstudio Munchen, you can throw, for example, a first look at the offered skin peels. Who is insecure when applying homemade scrubs, which was recommended to the second. Because the wrong peels damaging sensitive, dry skin more than they use. In particular, very fatty peels (e.g. based on olive oil) promise but satisfactory results and strain the skin does not have a fee. If these simple care guidelines are followed, the problem of dry skin in most cases in the handle you can get. The measures do not help, yet, a professional consultation with a beautician or a dermatologist should be consulted. You can accurately determine the own skin type and give advice for the individual care. Because don’t forget: your skin is as unique as yourself!

Consumption Of Nutrients For Colds Increases

In time when triefender nasal zinc and vitamin C supplement Wiesbaden many people are wondering right now in the cold, wet season what they reasonably can do against a simple cold or a banal flu, without having to resort immediately to the pain and fever means. In most cases quite harmless viruses for the sniveling noses are responsible, who have nothing to do with the real flu or even swine flu. So correctly targeted, you can’t do anything against these pathogens. The infections come and go, and feel really tired, hat, has cold fever, maybe. You realize that the body fights the virus. This battle of the immune system against the common cold viruses consume lots of vitamin C and also the trace element zinc, so new studies have found.

It is so useful to immediately replace used vitamin C and zinc, to put our immune system with the sick-making viruses to cope well. Infections and exposure to stress has been observed by researchers, that in our Body quickly consumed the vitamin C and the level in the blood drops. This comes from the battle of the immune system against the virus, in which free oxygen radicals fall much, which must be rendered harmless by vitamin C. Because the body cannot store vitamin C, it must be executed to directly again to the strengthening of the immune system. This is done sufficiently, the body recovers quickly and so strengthened immune system can successfully fight off infections. But that’s not all. To make the immune system most effectively, it must be prevented that settle the pathogenic viruses in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. That, researchers have found, is the task of the trace element zinc.

The body sufficiently with zinc is supplied, the viruses can not more easily docked to the cells of the respiratory tract and are therefore easier prey for the immune cells strengthened by vitamin C. Vitamin C together with zinc could be an effective aid against colds. Indeed, studies show that these Combination of vital substances really helps. People who are under stress and stress, that colds and flu can be prevented. It’s too late for prevention and the cold already on the way, can this combination reduced the symptoms and shortens the duration of the infection to 1-2 days. It is best so if infection-vulnerable people also regularly during the cold, wet season in addition to the usual measures consume vitamin C and zinc in sufficient quantities. For this, the company Navitum pharmaceuticals with FluVitum has developed special lozenges. The fine aroma of Orange-tasting lozenges are easy to consume and ideally suited for the strengthening of the immune system. FluVitum (PZN 0765783) at pharmacies or directly at Navitum Pharma can be ordered free shipping. For example, the pharmacy in the main-Taunus-Zentrum on the A66 between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden FluVitum has constantly in stock.

Repair Of Stretch Marks

Six steps to the long term success of how stretch marks can solve many women suffer from stretch marks. There are however a few aspects that you can comply with, to prevent the formation of stretch marks. In the following text we show you six simple steps. Stretch marks can occur in women during pregnancy. The excessive stretching of the skin is to blame for this, it is unfortunately also not inevitable. For many women, it can cause that they not more than naturally beautiful to feel through the Strip and get self-confidence errors.

There are six steps that can help stretch marks to get rid once and for all. A key factor in the correction of stretch marks is cranking the blood circulation. For this reason a woman who was struck by stretch marks should always make sure that a stimulating of blood circulation. You can reach this ideal during the showers. You should get a natural sponge or a brush of the skin, with the man massaging the skin during showering. This helps tremendously in the fight against stretch marks.

Also cocoa butter to help in the fight against stretch marks. This is because that has these ingredients, which positively affect the removal of this unpleasant skin areas. Cocoa butter is not the right thing for one or the other. For this reason, there is today also the possibility of obtaining in an online pharmacy products such as a stretch mark cream. Such a cream consists of a variety of vitamins and substances that can help in the correction of stretch marks, but also stretch marks. In addition you can rub, after showering, the affected areas of skin with oils, based on vitamins A, C and E. Also the food supplement products are particularly popular. It is usually small tablets containing all possible vitamins, but also zinc and silica. These substances help the parties concerned to make collagen, so that the unsightly skin areas better can heal. The diet you should, that it lays down food sure contain the essential fatty acids. These fatty acids can be found in many varieties of vegetables as well as fish and fish oils. Essential fatty acids help the skin thereby cell walls to build are of course a symptom that you can not simply to get rid of overnight stretch marks. Quickly realize who however always maintains the above mentioned tips in mind and tried in the daily plan to build with, is that this unwanted skin areas to day less. It is important to always keep in mind that stretch marks is a natural symptom and therefore not less should feel beautiful.

Swine Flu (H1N1 Influenza)

The whole world fears before the H1N1 virus. Dr. Umesh Gidwani contributes greatly to this topic. How dangerous is swine flu really? Who should be vaccinated against swine flu? What you should know to the swine flu! Today, the swine flu is on everyone’s lips. You want to be informed. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit immune system. Knowledge is always a good help. It is a flu virus. You should remember that with this virus to people and animals can infect. Trigger of the swine flu that has swine flu, certain triggers. These include the influenza-A viruses.

They are of the H1N1 subtype. Moreover, there are also other types, the influenza-A viruses are not the only ones. There are still the viruses B and C. It turned out that a man is attacked in particular of the types A and B. For the people, many questions arise.

Everyone would like to know it is a disease that is dangerous for the people or is it really only with pigs what to do it. If the swine flu on the people is portable, then you want to know why. How can I protect against? The symptoms of swine flu can easily recognize? How to start an effective treatment? The flu, it is usually so that the flu viruses but can spread, but only from person to person or from animal to animal. But a H1N1 virus behaves differently. It is an aggressive virus. Among the animals that can be transmitted to humans. Then the H1N1 virus can hike further, also from person to person. The transmission of H1N1 influenza virus it is important to know how the swine flu can spread. Actually, it is distributed as also the ordinary flu. Care has to with the sneezing, coughing, when the shaking hands the swine flu can quickly spread by droplet infection. May now even pork be eaten? Yes, of course. You should necessarily reach but necessary temperature when cooking or frying.

The Patients

The physiotherapy and occupational therapy the treatment sequence is according to E.g. a stroke impossible to imagine. Here too the repetitive movements, but at low frequency, a great role play. So E.g. a body part with the physiotherapy in the always same way moves by the therapist or the patient is encouraged to repeat same motor difficult movement. Machines are used in particularly serious cases, such as the speed machine or an exoskeleton.

This is hooked as the gang incompetent person in the machine and the movement to learn always repeating again exercised with great success for the patient. These machines have a positive effect proven by studies, can be found only in some special clinics or surgeries. But also with simple devices are extraordinary results achieve. So the US clinic in Cleveland called the results of Dr. Alberts one of the most important breakthroughs for Parkinson’s patients in 2009. Dr.

Alberts with high cadence on a tandem as a passenger observed patients”have been taken. Here there were two remarkable things: the tremors of patients, a symptom of the disease, decreased or disappeared at times quite the mobility of patients with tandem was better than that was the comparison group without tandem amazing still, the positive effect was only to see if the patients are taken and not when they drive. It is also known in Parkinson’s patients that almost completely immobilizing people can once again learn going through training on a treadmill. All of these examples, you will learn that persons with restricted mobility can be helped, if movements are exerted on them by third parties or by engine-supported motion systems in high frequency. The paradox: There’s such engine-supported motion systems in a few hospitals and practices. Since these machines but have cost in the 6-digit area, only a few benefit from such new treatment coming. Are the patients released into your home, only the well-known rubber ball or other old-fashioned remains for further training”tool.

Diabetes Type Two Book

“Diabetes best-selling no. 1 suddenly diabetes by Jutta Schutz, Zurich, January 18, 2010 – Jutta Schutz, author of diabetic suddenly diabetes” hope are two many diabetics with this book, with the type! The author, who has written some low-carb books demonstrates an effective way in this book without the diabetes contrary to tablets (at least with a few drugs). As self interested party (diabetes type two) she made very positive experience in 2007 with the low carb food form. Still needs woman contactor no medication is your blood sugar in the normal range. Compared with the otherwise very dry and stiff counselors the author leads easily and loosely the reader into their books in the low-carb world. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Umesh Gidwani.

“A low-carb diet” has nothing to do with food additives or companies it is a diet of just reducing carbohydrates. Contactor, which is actually a Romanschreiberin, investigating as self interested party since 2007 about this Form of nutrition low carb and very many studies gathered in books in their low carb. So she writes Parkinson’s also many civilization diseases such as about ADHD or Crohn’s disease (approximately 300,000 Parkinson’s patients live in Germany with this disease and it added about 20,000 diagnosed new cases per year). There are very good results to read about the hyperkinetic syndrome”to curb this possibly resulting from a conversion to low-carb. Cause the same neurotransmitters are being discussed could play a key role also in migraine. can provide more clarity in the matter. Some symptoms of intolerance such as anxiety, epilepsy, depression, hyperactivity and schizophrenic phases have to do with the function of the brain. Some nutritionists found that the symptoms of schizophrenia to subside a little if the patients receive a diet without grains and milk. Who wants to read more from the author of Schutz, simply enters their name in Google. Book: Suddenly diabetes,.

Superior Institution

Aiming at to fulfill to determination of the Superior institution of Education and the Legislation that prevails Superior education to the law, LDB 9394/96, for the Supervised Period of training of the Course of biological sciences and with the cronograma of activities proposals for the period of training folder was elaborated an intervention project, which was developed in this pertaining to school scope, in turn composed for pupils attending a course average education you would serve as apprentice and them: Ftima, academic Jaqueline and Graziella of the course of biological sciences Unimontes/Una. The project comes of meeting to a basic necessity, related the health publishes and to the social context of our city, therefore it knows that still in the present time we are white of many cases of hansenase, so that pupils, for intermediary of this project can develop of the best possible form its paper while critical and conscientious citizen in the way where inserted being better they are prepared for the future difficulties that will be found by these, where will intervine positively in the reality that they live deeply. Project of Intervention: Despertando the conscience citizen for the illness of Han (Hansenase). Parkinson’s understands that this is vital information. Taking care of to the determination of the Superior institution of Education and the Legislation that Ensino to the law conducts Superior, LDB 9394/96, for the Supervised Period of training of the Course of biological sciences we the same carry through in the State School Delvito Alves Da Silva, counting on the orientation of Appeared the Angelita teacher Blacksmith and supervision of the Carla teacher Enrique Da Silva. After to carry through the first stage I serve as apprentice of it supervised we come across in them with a new reality made familiar in relation to the pertaining to school context which we are inserted, differently of the first carried through stage. .

Team Professionals

For many professionals it can seem ftil, but to play is important for the child and the team has of to be apt to understand and to enxergar this necessity creating half where it has the infantile accomplishment of tricks, bonds with other children and educational programs. The act to take care of must always go beyond the pathology, must is centered in the welfare of the child in general way, in all its necessities while children. A time that the child if relates with others, that it feels itself supported, that it plays, it without doubts will go to answer better to its treatments, therefore she moves away to its fears and its sadnesses, consequently the internment process if she becomes less traumatic. 4 the therapeutical toy is a structuralized toy child to alliviate its tensions to it, its ansiedades caused for any atypical experience for the age, must be used whenever the child will have difficulty in understanding or dealing with a difficult experience, or still to be prepared for invasive and or painful procedures. In such a way, it is had as norteador problem of the study: Which strategies stand out the benefits to use the toy therapeutical during the care of nursing to the hospitalized child? In this perspective, the objective of this article treats To promote strategies that stand out the benefits of if using the therapeutical toy during the care of nursing to the hospitalized child. It is justified accomplishment of this work for through the story of much mother not understanding because of if using the therapeutical toy as mechanism of intervention of nursing and some professionals of health to be unaware of its use and its benefits. It is had as expectation of contributions to guide health professionals and responsible for hospitalized minors how much the therapeutical toy is important in the process of internment in such a way for the professionals how much for the child. .