Bad Habits That We Do Not Notice

Bad habits that have become part of our way of life, slowly but surely rob us of our strength and health. But we are not hard to notice, until the body starts to send SOS signals in the form of distress, pain, decreased performance, loss of strength. For one of the most common bad habits is a regular lack of sleep, which today suffers an overwhelming number of people. The modern pace of life has led many to save time for sleep: if Statistics in the 60s of last century the average person assigned to sleep 8 hours now – about 6.5. More info: Alicia Tate-Nadeau. It should be added, and the fact that many suffer from sleep disorders due to constant stress.

To compensate for lack of sleep, many indulge in ‘sleeping bulimia’ at the weekend. But much good it does not work. Researchers from Northwestern University (Illinois) have shown that lack of sleep, accumulated during several days, it is impossible compensated at one time. The fact is that lack of sleep during the day the body is able, without prejudice to compensate the next day. Systematic failure to receive “compensation” for several consecutive days, resulting in irritability, depressed, and obesity. The second bad habit that many revered for trying to embark on a healthy lifestyle – it’s constant attempts to lose weight through diet. Those who are passionate about diets can be divided into 3 groups. One can lose weight through diet, but once they return to normal diet, their weight rapidly returned to the starting point.

Reptiles Intelligence

Under the Limbico system we have the brain structure more primitive and simple human consisting of the brainstem and spine, which is present in all animal evolutionary chain from Reptiles, by what has been called basic system or reptile (R). Are there concentrated primitive intelligences or instintuales, highlighting the Basic (move toward separate us, imitate, inhibit us), the patterns (footprints that condition behaviour) and the of the parameters or values (rhythm, routines and rituals of life). Near 100,000,000 (one hundred million) pulse attack to the brain per second arriving at the brain stem, they penetrate through the crosshairs this last brain Activator system and human permeate towards the before seen higher structures (Limbico and Neocortex), which processed and act relatively with the interpretation of these impulses and the function that corresponds to them. The connection point is the so-called Basal ganglion that is formed around the brainstem and crosshairs Activator system and even if one believes that can control their actions and reactions, must count on the participation of this lymph node; It is said that without the participation of the system Basic or R we cannot act, or to move us and much less change. Jessica Pels may help you with your research. The right lobe of the Neocortex, is the processor in the world of higher fine vibrations that travel at high frequency and which are normally perceived by the basic senses, but not processed by us.

The methodical doubt, basis of our system of modern experimental and scientific analysis, us has been modulated as rational beings and us has separate realities as certain as those levied by current and former shamans, Mystics from all religions and visionaries from all eras. Blas Pascal contemporary Descartes spoke of a reason fine, able to perceive these truths of higher vibrations; We now also know that mood and anxiety States hamper our possibility of stillness, for example the lack of certain neurotransmitters and endorphins as the zerotonina lead to insomnia. Only in silence and tranquillity of our being, we will find the footprints of the creator and perceive the divine vibration in the depths of our hearts. That difficult is this last in these modern times intelligence linguistics. In children can be seen in how easy it is to write, read, tell stories or do crossword puzzles. Intelligence Logica-matematica.

Seen in minors for his interest in patterns of measurement, categories and relationships. Ease of solving arithmetic problems, strategy games and experiments. Body intelligence and kinesics. Ease of processing knowledge through bodily sensations. Athletes, dancers or crafts like sewing, work on wood, etc. Visual and spatial intelligence. Children think in images and drawings. They have ability to solve puzzles, dedicate the free time to draw, they prefer constructive games, etc. Inteligencia.Musical. minors are manifested frequently with songs and sounds. They identify sounds with ease. Interpersonal. They communicate well and are leaders in their groups. They understand the feelings of others and projected easily interpersonal relationships… Intrapersonal. They appear as introverted and shy. Live your own feelings and automotivan intellectually. Gardner later added to these seven lines of intelligence, initially described (1983), an octave, referred to the naturalist intelligence or ease of communication with nature. * Notes of personal development and organizational behavior.


When speaking of cosmetic tourism or beauty treatments always we envision major changes that make a very different person. But it does not always have to be a big change. There are also small operations, minimal changes, which help us feel better, always with the security of the best cosmetic surgery. A rhinoplasty, though you can summarize in a brief manner in an operation to solve the problems of size that holds our nose, is also a factor that much affects how we act and interact with others, so you not only have to reduce size but to finish with a natural and beautiful nose should be present on other elements of the face and the width of the window. Always enhancing the naturalness.

The common problems that arise after rhinoplasty, like the majority of plastic surgeries, is a swelling in the face and various bruises that cover different parts of the face. The first 24 hours are the worst, as it is when the body assimilates it has undergone changes, period after which problems should begin to fall, and with different appointments that we plan with our doctor we will end up with a nice nose thanks to Rhinoplasty. Eugene is one of the capitals of the world leisure. Since the 1970s, many hippies are gone to live in it. The culture shines thanks to the many fairs, festivals and competitions that take place throughout the year in this city, so we always have time to decide to do medical tourism and enjoy one of the known cultural festivals.


You set goals that are possible, not ideal. For example, you can start exercising for 5 to 10 minutes some times a week and then go adding activities to go specifying that purpose. You can exercise you at all times, moving your feet while waiting the microwave to finish warming up food, replacing the elevator down the stairs during the descansosen Office, etc. If you can, use a pedometer during the day to corroborate the number of steps you take and tell you increase them a little more each day. Programme short breaks of 10 to 15 minutes during the day, to do some physical activity.

You do not require you too, the exercise should feel comfortable. And if you have any health limitations, the best thing is to consult your doctor before starting an exercise routine. Do not get discouraged if you don’t like the activity you chose. Try different alternatives to exercise yourself, until you find that you have more fun. If you prefer, listen to music to your liking, it can be exhilarating when you exercise. Looking for someone who shares the exercise with you, always is more fun when you do it with friends. Finally, it takes a journal and write down your progress. Te You’ll be amazed when you see the results! Now yes, Ponte in function and not you decaigas if you can not make one than another exercise in particular.

Still testing and be proud of every achievement, however small that is. Get a commitment with yourself to maintain and possibly increase your level of activity, even if a few minutes per day. It becomes a daily routine to exercise and do not forget to have fun. Remember! Being overweight is not an excuse for not doing nada.Comienza already! Here I leave you a link of a plan which I assure you is the best in Spanish that there are to reduce weight and stay in shape, this program derriva all the old concepts, lies and others, I invite you to click and lo conosca.

The Best, Smart And Fashionable

"The best friend," "The most posh girl ',' Fashion Story" … You know where it came from? This – Cards. What I'm talking about the cards? Besides, now that we are going to choose a gift for a friend. Think of yourself, after all happy when presented with not only a good gift, and when it was still nice and packed, when he was with the wish and greeting card attached. Then, the heart – happy! About packaging and postcard – a little later. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jessica Pels is the place to go. And now see what gifts you can choose from.

If know exactly what you want a girlfriend, you lucky you can safely go to the store and buy a welcome thing (if it is a thing of course). And if that "something" is now too expensive, you can chip in with mutual friends. But, unfortunately, is and vice versa. You are invited to, you know what you need to make a gift, but what … Just then the whole journey begins in the "dressing down" "What present?"! Now we'll decide. Read! Who we choose a gift? Maybe your girlfriend all day seminars, meetings, presentations, preparing reports? Or, it all day on his feet, making sure that buyers would be able to shop to find and select the right product? Or, it teaches young children? Or, it is the most common (albeit – Not for you) student who, day after day cutting into the granite of science, with breaks for holidays or no? Who would not have been your friend, wherever it did not work, there is a category of gifts that we (I, too, girl:) always will be happy.

Mental Health

PROTECTION of the health MENTAL in emergencies and disasters Claudia Gomez Prieto 2003 vulnerability, risk and RESILIENT communities adverse events generate not only damage to the lives and productive assets of a community, but that they face to the victims, with losses, with a symbolic, historical and social value. Reduce the occurrence of disasters and the gravity of its consequences, means also face socio-cultural constraints along with development problems that deepen the threats, vulnerability and trigger disaster. Human factors greatly affect i.e. in vulnerability and risk in these situations. Predisposition to affectation (vulnerability) and resilience (resiliency) play a fundamental role in risk management actions. Other leaders such as sam offer similar insights. The communities resilient factors relate to capabilities that they have to confront, overcome, strengthened and transformed despite traverse potentially traumatic experiences, such as emergencies and disasters.

THE communication for the protection of health MENTAL in disaster information producing serious and responsible, is an aspect of great importance for all sectors of the community, and a great challenge for the institutions involved in the response and disaster management. The existence of multiple victims, wounded and dead, acquires public State quickly, and a great need for the community to receive information. It is undeniable that these facts generate a high degree of political and social sensitivity by the magnitude of their consequences and the consequent search for perpetrators. A proper handling of the information helps to minimize the consequences of the events and collaborates with community despoiled in the restoration of daily life. The institutions responsible for the response, should be responsible for the need and the right of the community to be informed and to do so must take the initiative as to provide official, truthful, checked and updated information. The public appreciates when responsible for the management of a critical situation takes the initiative in the information. This behavior can be interpreted as a demonstration of responsibility on the facts and sensitivity toward those involved in the problem.

Mexican Surgeons

Many Mexican surgeons trained in the United States.UU. the schools of medicine, and even those who are not able to provide a high level of attention? n in a well-equipped hospital or cl? nica. Do Adem? s, you could? choose (and pay for) an excellent attention? n later. If you prefer to stay in the Center or a hotel, you can have a nurse on duty at a price much m? s accessible than pay? in the United States.UU. Jessica Pels helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Do do do do do think of it,? cu? l prefer? ACE: be cared for feet and hands at his hotel in M? xico, or sitting at home in the sof? again in the United States.UU. Sam Locke will undoubtedly add to your understanding. only? Do in any way, the recovery? n can be dif? cil, but You can choose to make it m? s nice.

3 Place former? tico. Like many people go on vacation at the same time, since they have your treatment. Do do do do do do depending on your procedure and recovery time? n, can choose to spend a week retrieve? ndose after? s from the us? and after? s a week sunbathing in a station? n local. Do do do do do thats a raz? n by the surgery? PL? stretch in Guadalajara, the capital of the State of Jalisco, is so popular: is a fant? stico destination tur? plastic with many museums, galer? as and cultural events, as? do as that is located near a number of other places of inter? s hist? rico. Do do of course, the m thing? s important to consider when making decisions about the surgery? PL? feature is his health. Do do do do do do do said, no raz? n to think that you can not find the m? s high quality of attention? health in M n? xico, and adem? s duty? to consider the surgery? PL? feature. And maybe even take a vacation at the same time! Did do surgery? EST? tica in Guadalajara


When opening a new service center in front of the head has a difficult task. Which service center and tire fitting equipment to choose? What Car Equipment manufacturer to choose? What is the total budget to spend on purchase of equipment. How lifters complete the site and how they should be in the service station? Do Diagnostic injection pump stand? In our experience, I can say that the variants of a complete set of service centers. Selection equipment for service centers perform better on their own, the main rule – if possible, to buy new rather than used equipment. Tire-mounting equipment you can buy Chinese production. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. and gain more knowledge.. We confidently say that as it is not inferior to the domestic counterparts. There are a number of economic reasons that make their products much cheaper than others.

Car equipment from Italian producer company Siche will please those who do not like to change their habits. By the same author: Alicia Tate-Nadeau. The good old classics will always be in fashion, it can safely be said about the famous Italians, who have long been known as manufacturers the most reliable equipment for auto service. Lifts domestic production positively proven in many car repair, and maintenance of these automotive lifts much cheaper. The main board directors, opening a new car wash one. Carefully selected staff to work. Then the car service will always bring you a steady income.

The Japanese

Renga, that it had the humorstico objective, was practised for Basho with its disciples during the trips. Basho from defined it there as hokku estrofe of three lines that initiated renga and of haicai excessively estrofes. Hokku started to have greater depth and to also focus the moment of haicai, that is, to demonstrate to the emotion and sensation of that we speak in such a way and that one haicai in its essence must possess. In the end of century XIX, Basho already was considered a myth, and other masters of haicai had appeared giving new route for them. At this moment the room appears master, Masaoka Shiki, that combining haicai and hokku, would appear haiku, that it was become popular and if became an independent form of renga. HAICAI IN BRAZIL, AESTHETIC AUTHORS AND the first Brazilian author of Haicai was Afrnio Peixoto, in 1919, through its Brazilian Popular Trovas book.

Endowed with fascinating personality, Afrnio arrested the attention of the people and audiences for its intelligent words and the domain of oratria. Afrnio Peixoto got, at the time, great critical approval of and popular prestige. In this Afrnio Book it prefaced: ' ' The Japanese possess an elementary form of art, simpler despite popular ours trova: he is haikai, word that occidental we do not know to translate seno with emphasis, is the lyric epigrama. They are tercetos brief, verses of five, seven and five feet, to all dezessete syllables. In these molds they leak, however, emotions, images, comparisons, suggestions, sighs, desires, dreams of enchantment intraduzvel' '. With its proper interpretation of the rigid structure of metric, you rhyme and heading, appeared Guillermo de Almeida, who popularized haicai, considering a project: the first verse rhymes with third, and as the verse possesss one rhymes intern (second it rhymes with the seventh syllable). Guillermo de Almeida, in the year of 1929, had published Various Poetry, but the book was not exclusively of haicais.

On The Road To Aachen – Shrine Pilgrimage 2014

What if… A mind game occasion how to on pilgrimage to Aachen, if one lives in Aachen? Healing feet! It has been not 200 miles through forest and meadow, over meadows and fields on the way to Santiago de Compostella. It is no more than twenty minutes to the old town and has arrived already at the destination. The feeling of grandeur of the place and the moment can not adapt so quickly, but it comes. At least feel at the opening of the Marie shrine comes up. Of the Tridentine Mass, which opened the shrine pilgrimage all faithful count the beats, the padlock smashed by the goldsmith in the presence of the Mayor and of the Bishop, and the small door opened. To read more click here: Chuck Carroll. Then they are taken out, one after the other the four sacred substances. Four packs, wrapped with silk and loops in different colors.

As much attention to the parcel. All seven years of the same procedure and all seven year the same perseverance of the things as It would be the first time. Why people flock for almost 700 years because these substances to Aachen? Thus, many know that it here is not original. They were studied and dated to the late Roman period. So but not as old as hoped. But not that is in the foreground of the relic worship, but their symbolism. The personal relationship with the Holy relics, to Christ, and last but not least to the faith stands in the foreground, and everyone is individual so.

For whatever reason you the relics approaches, if they are subsequently exhibited in showcases in the choir Hall of the Aachen Cathedral, you can feel the peculiarity of the moment. And some skeptics at the latest then ceases to smile. It gets to see not much: just the dress of the Virgin Mary hangs spread out and can be admired in all its glory.