American Trucks

Overseas nowadays prefer. For instance Freightliner – not as expensive as a Kenworth but more popular than the International. In Russia, the U.S. second-hand trucks are traded mainly in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in Primorye. With the U.S.

auto parts No major problems have good company there are always new and used parts. Prices are lower than the average European tractor, but higher than in the maz and kamaz. St. Petersburg's company Trans Chem Union works with the 'Americans' from the mid-90's. For this time there was no case that had to do a major engine repair. Replacement of gaskets, head gasket, belts, pump-injector and bronze bushings, corroded 'left' anti-freeze – it happens. Crankshaft no matter how strange no one did not change, despite the considerable mileage.

Sometimes on motors with a huge run changed the piston rings, but all piston assembly fits extremely rare, and it was mostly due to the torn Air Filter or an open valve. Electrical equipment on the American tradition of 12-volt. With that, the generator power – 2, 5 kW, and four batteries are connected in pairs in parallel – one pair is only the starter, and other – on other consumers. Benefit is obvious – you can put batteries hopelessly, for example, stand-alone stove, lights, microwave, and other comforts, such as during an overnight stay, then no problem start the engine. When buying an American truck or parts buyer chooses not only the brand and model of diesel, but, according to the preferences and conditions for future work, ordered transmission, choosing among brands.