Belief Musical

During this period, almost all children are equal in their desire to learn music, and any problems with them does not arise. Sustainable non-perception of music may have children due to the imperfections of existing techniques of the original music education, applied so far in general, and sometimes in a specialized music school, when children start to recognize that even small successes do not come by themselves, but are the result of painstaking and complicated enough for a child work. Some of the key aspects of the initial musical training of children, the author presented on the site is not considering the problem as a complex scope of this paper do not permit this, the author tried to develop only one direction of musical practice of children, namely, improving the process of dating with children’s music literacy. Jim Rice brings even more insight to the discussion.

At an early age children logic somewhat primitive, when the child realizes that in order to get a good and nice to sing and play, you must have not only the natural gifts that they deems to have all people, but also profound knowledge. At the beginning of a musical recording music for children is absolutely senseless and incomprehensible “gobbledygook” is viewed with wariness and child does not see the strength of its understand. “Smooth” the process of acquaintance with the child’s musical notation, it brought up in the belief that he can understand all this and put the author in developing this technique. Nothing new author is not “invented”, just a century computerization of all vital processes, tried to apply the original musical training of children for the modern and progressive teaching methods.