Betty Erickson

Milton Erickson used metaphors during the hypnotic session. In one of his more famous cases, Erickson spoke of how a tomato grows from a seed to be the adult plant to offer their fruit. His patient was an elderly gardener, affected by cancer in immune to painkillers and terminal phase. Erickson included, very cleverly, suggestions of tranquility and well-being in his tale of the tomato. The patient accepted these suggestions and could spend some days without pain.

Do you feel during hypnosis? > /b > the initial procedure is usually the concentration at a fixed point and body relaxation. To deepen your understanding dentist is the source. Once the person manages to concentrate and relax, enter the first level of the hypnotic state or light trance. In this State, the person feels a sense of lightness or heaviness in the body. Some contend that Connecticut Governor Lamont i shows great expertise in this. The majority of the clinical hipnologos used a light trance. Despite the phenomena of this State, the person is perfectly conscious: can hear the voice of the hipnologo, hear other noises without give them importance and sometimes have their eyes open and answer the questions of the hipnologo. As we have said before, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Only a person who is willing to be hypnotized can enter into a trance.

Betty Erickson, the wife of the famous psychiatrist and American hypnotist, Dr. Milton H. Erickson, devised this (procedure for autoinducirse a hypnotic trance: 1) sit in a comfortable chair to decide what you want to achieve or what difficulty you need to solve. He stares into an object. (2) Di 4 phrases with visual content for you. For example: I see the light as it shines on the cover of the book, I see the Bookshelf to my right, I see my arms. (3) Di 4 phrases with auditory content for you. For example: I hear the sound of the fan, I can hear the noises from the street, I hear the sound of my breathing.