Black Tie

Women wear a pantsuit or classic costume with a blouse. The higher the Position in the company hierarchy, the registered colors should be so dark. Cutaway (also morning dress”): As the tuxedo is worn only at night, they have reverted under tags on the cutaway (called also”cut”). This is worn on formal occasions, such as weddings, if they take place before 17:00. The cut consists of a jacket, vest and a striped or plaid pants and is made more subtly by the color.

The tails (also White Tie) is the so-called “great society” and is worn on festive evening events where it is very formal. Say, if you are invited to award ceremonies or the Vienna Opera ball, is this dress code choice. For men, this means: black tuxedo, combined with white vest and white shirt, this patent leather shoes. Women wear a long, elegant evening dress on these occasions. The tuxedo (also Black Tie) is a slightly less festive variant of the suit, which is also only in the evening. This black or dark blue suit comes up Balls, at weddings or at the Opera House to the usage and is worn with a bow tie and white shirt. Since the waist should be not to see, the Lord chooses either Cummerbund or vest. For women a long evening dress or a short cocktail dress displayed here.

The so-called evening attire (also dark suit) is the variant of formal dress codes, which makes you the most discretion what you wear. The suit needs be not black or dark blue, also a dark grey. This is combined with a solid color shirt, Cufflinks, and black shoes and tie. According to taste, women wear a long evening dress, cocktail dress, the little black dress”or a skirt with elegant blouse.