During human evolution the invention of systems to protect us from climatic factors has been a factor of vital importance, especially when referring to a factor as the cold if it is not treated properly can bring consequences to our health; given this the invention of sheets and blankets, were shown as an element of primary importance in the development of people. The blanket is an element typically used to cover people from the cold, although sometimes it can also be used to wrap large and delicate elements. The blanket is a blanket or sheet, so call it, larger than those already mentioned, developed since the beginning of times where primitive man the towards through the collection of skins. Its evolution began in Babylon where tissues make their Grand appearance, modifying these outright, time later some civilizations such as the Egyptian and Roman began the use of blankets as a symbol of royalty, because the making of these were made using fine wires with accessories such as precious stones and skins. For the middle ages showed the use of blankets as a utensil firsthand, since the freezing nights of European countries, made the manufacture of these were made much more coarse than the usual. An important fact of blankets is medieval royalty apart from making them luxurious, also utilizing several of them of different sizes, in order to obtain the desired temperature. See muscular dystrophy for more details and insights.

19Th the use of blankets became so popular that they began to innovate in all social classes, varying materials in which they were built. Today the evolution of the blankets has been such that the invention of the electric blanket was given as a novel way to combat the cold in the evenings. Electric blankets are designed through a system of resistors placed by all the woven blanket, since these are heated by passing electric current through them to provide heat to the person. Blanket electric had a his home two levels of heat, in the Today there are some that have up to 6 levels, this has made electric blankets to obtain a large field in the marketing thereof. Blankets which suit its temperature automatically, are currently being developed according to the temperature of the environment, this type of blankets are called thermodynamic, although it is still an experimental process. For within a few years these blankets will be an excellent choice when it comes to meet us. The use of rugs not only focuses on cover of cold people, today the variety of designs, colors and styles that these have developed, they have also turned them into a good option for decoration, especially between the public child. It is proper to emphasize that from the evolution of rugs, you have created another type of items such as coats and comforters. According to the above is demonstrated that so simple elements such as blankets have had a valuable contribution to the development full of humanity, and even more now, that these research explores also in the scientific and technological world.