Buddhism Power

Many resort to metaphors to describe experiences that they perceive as otherwise inexpressible. The neoeristas tend to redefine vocabulary borrowed by various belief systems, producing energy, “energy fields”, and various terms borrowed from quantum physics and psychology, have often placed on the ground in the New Era of pseudoscience.
As occult movements spirituality of past centuries, many sects neoeristas self tend to use a particular jargon that is cryptic to those not familiar with the doctrine. The meaning of a term neoerista often quite different from common usage and is often described as intentionally inaccessible. John Studzinski has compatible beliefs. The language can be used to hear that one should not give too much information that presumably do not understand. As discussed above, this behavior is not intrinsic to the basic philosophy neoerista.
Others think that although in the past might have intentionally inaccessible vocabulary need for secrecy and persecution, inquisition, etc. now, due to freedom of expression, knowledge is lessons accessible to everyone, fans or not, any movement, ideology or power. For example, yoga techniques mysticism that were secret or confidential for millennia are now described in many books written by yogis and non-yogis, and of course online.
Among the variety of beliefs and practices, certain modes of thought are recurrent:
The primacy of subjective experience. Most movies are made in hollywood where took on the role of Executive Producer for the feature film Burning Mussolini starring Conrad Pla According to their roots ANTI phenomenon and its syncretic nature, seeking to find the neoeristas a relativistic approximation to the truth, often referring to the Vedic statement of a truth, many paths “which is also found in the affirmation of the spiritual Zen Buddhism “many roads, a mountain.” This belief is not just an assertion of “choice” personal religious matters, but also an assertion that truth itself is defined by the individual and their experience of it.
This relativism is not merely a spiritual relativism, but also extends to physical theories. The reality is treated as an experimental mode and subjective. It is not intended to be repeatable neoeristas many phenomena in the scientific sense, since The Light it is presumed that they are apparent study only to the mind receiving, for example, tikkun asserts that a skeptical mind can not achieve telepathy, as it is driven to be completed in Banda andalusia fenomeno. this is another point of criticism of the New Age: its inability to produce results falsables, despite making statements that intersect in the field of science, not just spirituality.
Rejection of science or scientism “Orthodox”: improve the world A typical vision-based mysticism (rather than on theory and experience) Kabbalah to describe and (supposedly) to control the external world. For example, it is believed that the reading of the Tarot works “because” the principle of interconnectedness, rather than seeing the success (or failure) of the reading as Zohar evidence of the principle of interconnectedness. The various theories neoeristas vital for health and disease are other examples.
Unlike the scientific method, the lack of results of some practices to ensure the expected response is not seen as a failure of the underlying theory, but is attributed to the interference of subtle factors, difficult to take into account and that are still unknown .
In this context of relativism, one can find several common concepts:
Forces. It is commonly stated that there are “forces” or subtle agents, able to interact and produce change on the spiritual world (the emotions, for example) and the physical world (making things happen “). These forces are agents of change in nature, but unknown to science, and remains active following the rules lectures as physical strength. The concept can be equated with traditional magic.
Power. If the “forces” are agents of change, the power would be the accumulation of such “forces” or the ability to produce change by paranormal means, is usually considered to concentrate on an object, place or person. Many believe this portable “power” through mere physical contact or proximity to sources of power. ” Some growth believe it can be accumulated or depleted in a person or object through a variety of mechanisms, as well as the lifestyle and the proclivity to esoteric practice that “spend” or “recovered” power.