Carl Gustav Jung

The image of the Snake (the cunning), the lion (the Angressive) and the turtle (the undecided), etc. In one of my previous articles, I asked: How did the types of Chair and table in the first human brains? Causa formalis: four columns and a plate. Causa exemplaris: ur image, idea (Plato, archetype). Read additional details here: Professor Roy Taylor. We know that almost all inventions were erfundern spaced half-year by two different inventors worldwide. Table and Chair were a discovery (nature) or an invention (cultures, development)? A partial response provide us with knowledge of the human brain: it thinks in the analog part analog, i.e.

rarely we are creative! Sure found people with the time of a rolling stone to the wheel! As < archetype < or archetype (Greek: archetype, majority: Archetypes) referred to the analytical psychology in the collective unconscious-based Archetypes of human performance patterns. Archetypes are psychological dominants of structure affecting the unconscious work factors, which are pre and structure. Many of the archetypes based on ur experiences of mankind as birth, childhood, puberty, a child getting parenting, the old, death others. The deep psychological concept goes back to the Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, who developed the analytical psychology. An archetype as such is unanschaulich, just unconsciously, experienced such as in dreams, visions, psychosis, artistic products, fairy tales and myths in its effect but in symbolic images. Carl Gustav Jung headed off the occurrence of archetypes of astrology, comparative religion, dreams, fairy tales, legends and myths. So there is a limited number of archetypes or Urfiguren, but an unlimited number of archetypal images archetypes that appear as icons also. An archetypal symbol is characterized this out, that it is an ambiguous structure throws which associations with intellectual ideas, such as the image, photo, film of a child, the Warrior, the Wanderer, the protector, the salvation, youth, age, poverty, fear, fruits, House construction, fire and fire, a river, a Lake, the cross etc..