CNE Dictator

It comes to be this order by who dictates it i.e. the dictator, something unimaginable for the traditional and missing particos politicians, that today is it hiding in new parties but with root cuartarepubliquistas, which affected many of them pocket. The function of issuing decrees, orders etc., by whom exercises the first Magistracy, becomes dictator and that I mean when I said above, the marking of dictator that he shared with the opposition to our President. It is so, which dictates something, should be called dictator, as he runs, corridor; that fight, fighter; anyway I mean, obviously dictator is who dictates, therefore President is dictator because it dictates what was expressed above. For even more details, read what lumbar puncture says on the issue. To justify that nombrecito that previously placed you the name of Hugo Chavez Frias, some of his detractors; I should point out that today, was the acme of this dictatorship, called this behavior assumed by our President, to dictate the order of created in PSUV and today after fixation of the CNE, on the date of elections, where democratically elect candidates to Governors and mayors of the Republic, we see the influx of members of the PSUV, to vote, to exercise their vote, precisely to exercise a right that assists all political militancy, which is respected.

This dictation, for its part, must be considered as an action of who the dictator dictates it, corresponds to the constitutional role that should prevail in all political bodies in a democratic and participatory regime, as it should prevail. If we do a simple comparison with what is happening in a desperate opposition, it cannot be said that they are good dictators, since that dictate is truly unconstitutional and paragraph of the true exercise of duties in defence of political rights. Affirm it, so it reads and hears opposition everywhere showing a not very healthy behavior by their leaders, in the sense that not lead to base decisions by the choice of their representatives.