Commission Directive

8 times, with the loaded station, you can recharge the batteries before the station itself on the Web or on your PC must be recharged. The WINNING Kit according to the party or friedrich 1 charging station (“cigarettes”), 2 batteries 90 mAh, 5 cartridges with tobacco flavor (no nicotine), 1 evaporator (called also atomizer or vaporizer), 1 EU charger 220 V / 50 Hz, 1 USB cable from the charger to the mains charger or PC, operating instructions in German. Supply of cartridges with tobacco flavor (no nicotine) or cartridges with non-nicotine taste substances such as menthol, peppermint, citrus (lemon), vanilla, etc. are possible online. And with regard to the “Experts” often in the Press quote statements “Nobody is know exactly what because all the liquid included in and breathed out in the environment” here a clear statement: for the “WINNING”-liquids a certificate is issued by the internationally renowned Swiss “SGS Intl.Testing services ‘ (SGS), what are the ingredients in carefully parsed with zero nicotine for the health of the”steamer”as harmless are certified and in accordance with the EU regulations No.. 1907/2006 as well as the EU Commission Directive 1999/45/EC, 67/548/EEC.

76.9% of the “winning”-LIQUIDS according to SGS certificate consists of pure harmless Dipropylen glycol, which is used worldwide in the so-called fog machines for theatre, film and television. The remaining 23.1% comprise harmless flavourings set out in the certificate; in food quality other than distilled water. The whole thing is so a successful and in every way “Round thing” for the smoker to boarding willing and is therefore also in the range of some large mail-order pharmacies under the category Include “Smoking cessation”.