Democratization in the Health

In the bubbling of the social movements in the decade of 70, in the end appear the Sanitary Reformation in Brazil, with the boiling for the democratization of the health, involving intellectual and professional of the health in which they had participated of the construction of this project. The movement reed-echo with the National Program of the Basic Services of Health? PREV-Health, this program had one ‘ ‘ concern with the primary attention and communitarian health, come back toward the integration and institucional hierarquizao and reorganization of atendimento’ ‘ (Vasconcelos, 2003, p.76). The Conasp (1981) was based in the model of PREV-Health accomplishing itself by means of the Program of Integrated Actions of Health? PARENTS having as main objective to reach changes in the assistance model. From its lines of direction the Conasp showed to the importance of the reference and against-reference, the decentralization and the regionalizao of the actions of health. The parents leave to exist with the implantation of the New Republic in 1983, giving to origin the Integrated Actions of the Health? AIS in 1985, after having been transformed into would carry inter-ministerial. In 1986 it is marked by VIII the National Conference of Health in which the Decentralized Only System of the Health? SUDS enters in emergency for redemocratizao with the valuation of the social determination of the illness, in a national mobilization. From the social mobilization the registration was guaranteed, in the Constitution of 1988, changes of a new System of Social security, in junction with health, assistance and the social welfare. Being thus the State it starts to be responsible, guaranteeing in its public character, configured for the Constitution. With the promulgation of the Federal Constitution in 1988 is created the Only System of Health? SUS, that conducts ‘ ‘ right of all and to have of the Estado’ ‘ (regulated in 1990 for the Organic Law of the Health n 8,080), in which institucional conditions for the implantation of new politics of health are established, amongst them of mental health.