Essenes Feelings

For example: when we pray for health in our relations, and however we experience anger, jealousy etc in them. Why we surprised to see these same qualities reflected in our body, family, work etc.? Every feeling that we experience creates inside our body chemistry. Details can be found by clicking NCI or emailing the administrator. Then, if our emotional response to our circumstances is positive, acting with love, tolerance, understanding, we can experience that same in our body and extend it to everyone and circumstances that surround us. The power of prayer based on the feeling, is an opportunity to work at this time according to a new paradigm of understanding and feelings that reflect what we want to experience in our lives. Nothing needs to be created, since any result that we can imagine for a situation, is already present.

We will be most useful in the service if we first feel the result of what we experience in our own world. The appreciation and the gratitude that we feel is what creates quantum effects, allowing the creation will tie with our feelings. If when I’m praying, I experience the feelings that my prayer has already been answered, we will then show the old quantum principle that sets the conditions for peace in our bodies, are reflected off them. According to the researcher from the manuscripts of the dead sea, Greg Braden, the ancient Essenes (spiritual community to which, they say, belonged Jesucristo) had this way of praying, very different from the current. The future is the present: creating our days do this practice as a good practice to start our day: the purpose of taking a time to create my day. This way I am acting in the quantum field to generate what I want. Suggestions for the (((practice: 1) daily practice creating your day 2) chooses a place and time where you do not interrupt 3) calms your mind and engage you with the practice.