Excess Subject

The methodology used for the professor is the differential before the classroom, is from it that students go to not only feel pleasure or for the study not enclosing the planning, but the interaction with the learning. Each professor has a different way it to make pedagogical, that he goes since the voice tone, affectivity, capacity of synthesis, domain of the content, creativity of the lessons, organization, personal treatment. In other words each professor has its ‘ ‘ imagem’ ‘. (Subject I). Medical diagnosiss opinions are not widely known.

The importance of the methodology is evident when the citizens of the research ahead mention the value and the interaction of the professor of the learning of the group. The well prepared professor involves the pupils, becomes the lessons most pleasant and consequentemente he has more interaction and learning. When they do not innovate the pupils tire and it does not have motivation for the learning. (Subject to). c) Factors of the differentiated performance of the professor The lack of motivation of the professors was related by the respondents as one of the causes for which they are not felt encouraged to search qualification and innovation in its practical.

The lack of incentive of the governing represents one discourages for its careers and if they accomodate of form not to search new methodologies. Get all the facts and insights with blood test, another great source of information. (Subject C). Excess of work and low makes them to remuneration to discredit of the profession. External and internal factors take them it the desencantamento, such as … room, wage low, not search of continued formation, high horria load. (Subject E). Unhappyly the image that if makes of the professor and its valuation, either it through the remuneration or of social recognition, is shameful, however it fits to the category to work to desconstruir this perception of common sense through the social comprometimento and of redescoberta for the pleasure of the exercise of the docncia.