Male fertility is poor according to statistical studies over seven percent of German men suffer from fertility problems. s. The few men know but, that something with their fertility. Once the desired pregnancy does not occur the first men make their thoughts. Even if one wishes now no children as a man, you should still care that the own sperm cells stay healthy. What does affect the fertility of the man? Environmental impact: Through the massive use of the contraceptive pill, more and more female hormones into the drinking water, which of course significantly degrades the fertility of the man. PCB also has negative impact on the fertility.

The influence of environmental toxins on the libido of the man is also a rather negative. Temperature: Not without reason the sperm production of the man outside his body takes place. A temperature of 33-35 degrees is ideal for the sperm cells of man. The temperature increased only minimally, this is a problem, because the Quality of the semen is changed to the negative. Sports: sports and physical fitness have a positive impact on the quality of male sperm. But it may not be exaggerated.This it should be only a normal exercise. Anyone who thinks his performance to must increase with hormone preparations, its fertility does nothing good. Sedentary is a problem: even long periods of sitting, as is for example the case with truckers, is on the fertility of the man’s detrimental.

Enjoy poisons, such as smoking, alcohol or drugs also change the quality of the semen. During ejaculation, the number of sperm and their motility decreases up to thirty percent. Even when a man, his weight has influence on its fertility. Being overweight or underweight, both has a negative impact on the fertility of the man