Getting Rid Of Excess Weight

Take away the landfill in the body – will take excess weight. The main rule: remove the extra weight – the bowels. In the course of our life in the body is going to a lot of toxins and wastes that hinder the body to function normally. All this, decomposing, allocates a huge body count of harmful substances. To protect against these poisons, your body starts to form a water-fatty layer to protect our stomach, liver and genitals.

This layer – Kind of store that takes care of all these poisons. Diet, hunger strikes – has long been shown to be ineffective and harmful. Help your body cleanse itself of toxins, and he will be grateful to you! Remember, appearance and health closely related! 🙂 What can I do to clean the intestines? The easiest and most accessible way – the enema! This, though not the most pleasant way, but the most natural, without using chemicals. And enema – the most common. It's not the amount of water poured into the body, and as your actions.

Do not overdo it! Clean your bowels, we give the body an opportunity to breathe freely, and remove this picture, a picture perfect slim girls hated fatty layer, because the need for it disappear. The composition of the enema – a half liter of water, teaspoon of salt. Try also to do clean the liver. This is – 50% of cases. For those wishing to learn how to done, I'll give a hint – herb milk thistle frayed. There are almost at any pharmacy. Also, if you wish to read special literature and materials on the Internet. Sleep Poor sleep breaks metabolism. Number of studies proved that when it hired extra pounds. Sleep should be no less than eight hours a day. When a man rarely sleeps, it needs to replenish energy. Then he fills it with food. Such a person usually indiscriminate in choosing food and can eat . Sport, Sport, Sport To get rid of the hated tummy, you need a sport. Not so much for the stomach Just need to bring in muscle tone. Stretch of the skin should be brought in normal state. If you quickly lose weight, stay on the skin stretching. It is from this eliminates sport exercises. Engage in training media, and practicing with a hoop. When you twist wrap, waist muscles are warmed up, increases circulation, improves the body's metabolism. When abdominal exercises for women does not necessarily make it like a man. Enough 45 degrees from the floor. Most important is the pace and number of repetitions. In one approach recommended 50 times. The alternation of approaches: the press wrap-press. Three repeats. Meals Do not limit yourself to food. Meals should not be limited, and correctly select and share. Remove from the diet of fat and high-calorie foods. Remember that each product from the animal world is the replacement product from the plant. This is not to give up meat. That means to learn moderation in its consumption. In the case of meat, Render preference for boiled. Need to drink as much as possible. If the excretory system works poorly, pay attention to such means as phyto-grass. Ask if the pharmacy that the phyto-means a good diuretic.