Healthier Products

Try to find products that are less ingredients, plus the ingredients in a product, the greater the chance that your skin is one who does not like! Avoid fragrances in everything you put on the face, is an ingredient unnecessary and only included for the product commercially acceptable. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is likely to agree. Do not use exfoliating sensitive skin, even the most gentle person is still too hard, ditto with harsh soaps. Others including DE Shaw women, offer their opinions as well. Forget toners and astringents that contain alcohol, which are too dry. Try cleaning only in the night with splash perhaps one of hot water in the mornings, excessive cleaning can irritate sensitive skin. Do you live in an extreme climate? Extreme heat or cold can take its toll on sensitive skin such as strong winds and, of course, sun exposure.

Try not to go outdoors more than is absolutely necessary, when conditions are extreme. Always use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more. Is there anything that your skin comes into contact with regularly like pillowcases or towels that may be making the problem worst? Wash these irritants in a low detergent or pure soap and rinse well. Do not use fabric softeners as these add fragrance – see if this helps. Also worth a look at your diet. Do you like spicy food? Try to cut out for a week or so and see if it makes any difference. If so bring them back little by little and see if the problems reoccur.

Omega oils can help sensitive skin, in fact, all the benefits of these types of skin. They can be found in fish especially fatty fish like salmon. Alternatively, you can buy in capsule form, if the fish is not your thing. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and E improve your skin from the inside and it’s worth if your diet is less than perfect! It is hard to find anything good to say about smoking, this is no exception! Smoking replaces the oxygen in the blood of carbon monoxide, uses up vitamin C along with a lot of other things that are bad for the skin and bad for your health. Try to cut it, if you can not completely cut I think this council has seemed like a litany of “do this, do not do that!” No simple answer to sensitive skin. Try all or some of these tips and if nothing seems to help to visit a dermatologist, are there to help. I would look better? Skin will give detailed information on all aspects of skin care. The author, Wendy Owen has had a lifelong interest in general and alternative health and skin care.