Heart Diseases

To 1 cup water or lemon juice – 1 pinch per glass). The total amount of water per day from 1.5 to 2, 5 liters, and only in heart diseases with edema, congestive liver is limited to the amount of liquid. For safety, it is recommended to measure the volume of water drunk and urine volume released. 'Intangible' perspiratsionnye loss at normal body temperature is about 500 ml of water per square meter of body surface, or an average of 800-900 ml. The difference between water you drink and the volume of urine plus 800 ml allows a rough estimate of whether there is fluid retention. Calculation approximate, since it ignores the amount of endogenous water (500 ml), formed in the body.

If water retention is not, as evidenced by the absence of edema or swelling shins light (in the joints), amount of fluid can be increased. Diet in the juices in the day taken 1-1.5 liters of fruit or vegetable juices, prepared just before use. The rest of the amount of liquid added to water (you can dilute juice previously). Use cabbage, carrot, apple, beet juice. The latter must stand before serving for 2-3 hours in the cold. At low pressure it should not be used.

Diet of fruit and vegetables 3 / 5 of our food should be fruits and vegetables as raw and processed food. Always eat a meal before any raw vegetable salad or raw vegetables. The blood should be alkaline. However, most of us, this reaction the acid.