Thus, in the field religious West has distinguished himself among meditation and contemplation, reserving the second meaning religious or spiritual. This distinction becomes tenuous in the oriental culture, which at the beginning of the influence of Eastern thought in Europe, the word would acquire a new popular use-meditation is usually characterized by some of these traits: A State of concentration on the reality of the moment presented an experienced State when the mind dissolves and is free to their own thoughts a concentration at which care is freed from their common activity and focused in God (own theistic religions) a focus of the mind in a single object of perception, such as breathing or a recitation of words constant very timely when you reference that not only meditation can have religious purposes but also be focused to the maintenance of the physical or mental health, even purposes of cosmic connection to find answers to universal questions that throughout history mankind has had. There is a wide variety of guides and lessons for meditation, that ranging from those that appear in the religions up to the therapeutic through own ideologies of certain individuals. Scientific studies have shown that some techniques of meditation can help improve concentration, memory and improve the immune system and health in general. Management can not neglect what meditation can provide to make use of it, since it will enable him to proceed more calmly, not be carried away by emotions, determine where are their weaknesses, promoting actions to surprise inattentive and assess what your behavior in the management of their performance, which has provided him this, step to the transformations necessary to proceedact properly there are different forms of meditating according to current that follows from the Buddhist, Zen, Hindu to cite any, as well as the technique to be used, in this respect indicated us, approach to meditation techniques vary from those based on observing the breath, in display some positive thinking or inspiring image, focus on some object or image (such as a send it), invocations, until which are based on types of complex spiritual Alchemy. .