Meaning Life

Probably we understood a representing live found in this dimension where our transitoa is temporary, or perhaps have felt an emptiness that requires waking up to understand why to travel on this plane. It may be that you have found an explanation to the meaning of life, including their rationale, why not, still is looking for response, here then, we should not be surprising, to be written about it, that daily life of every person is usually normal or expected and draws on responses to the questions raised, "is presented as a reality that has interpreted the subjective meaning of a coherent world." T he world in which we live is characterized by the presence of relationships face-to-face emotional. This 'world around' offers existential security of the individual and ensuring the development of a sense of life, being the world into which we are accustomed to living in a stable and routine, out of possible situations of risk, doubt or uncertainty. The meaning of life arises from the need for resolving the problems have a collective or an individual. It is the answer given to questions or problems involving life, why live? Why live? Who am I? Where I come from and where am I going? What to do with my life? Where do we go? What to do to survive? Among many other 'existential questions. " The meaning of life is a "pattern of events that brings together models of different lines and places them in a sense a projection that extends from birth to death." Building a sense of life begins in the primary socialization (family), which enables a solid ontological ground to provide security and certainty of existence, as a starting point for defining self-identity and sense of life.