Medical Director

Already in the last year, DHfPG and DSSV had the opportunity to present their work and industry-specific education and training opportunities in Berlin. A keynote address by Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Wessinghage, Medical Director of the medical Park AG in bad Wiessee and Pro-Rector of DHfPG illuminated the topic of prevention and health promotion for subsequent rounds of dialogue. This year, representatives from politics, the health insurance companies and institutions under the motto of health coaching were again”invited to the presentation of College and employers to follow and to be convinced of the economic benefit of the work of the fitness and health industry.

The greeting of the invited guests was made by Birgit Schwarze, President of the DSSV. In her speech, black stressed the importance of maintaining personal health and appealed to the invited guests, and as an advocate for the personal initiative of each individual in terms of personal health to go ahead to lead by example and Fitness to act. Role-playing game on prejudices against the fitness training this year shows a performance about the prejudices of the training in a gym was the focal point of the evening. Admitted in his subsequent commentary Prof. Dr.

med. Thomas Wessinghage with the existing prejudices on and stressed the benefits of a regular training session in the Studio. Now, 80% of the population concerns about lack of exercise and its sequelae such as high disease burden (> 30 j.), and represents a major health problem of the third millennium. Only through the cooperation of policy, health insurers, doctors and other health care professionals, but also last but not least, each and every one, can this problem be countered. A structured exercise and training programme under professional guidance could help doing so Wessinghage, in particular also pre-emptively, to reduce the increase in lifestyle-related diseases. While Wessinghage stressed the independence of the fitness industry, which is already a nationwide has grown infrastructure that brings all the necessary requirements for prevention and health promotion and is dependent on no financial support.