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All act-sintomaocupa the place of a dream never dreamed. The psychosomatic expression is ohorizonte of these act-symptoms that take the place of the imaginary one and of capacidadede to feel. It is the primary regression deepest and of the being. This the therapy of the Sand Game dizque through the psycotherapy, adults and children inside finds of itself becomes childish small, that she does not obtain to say where aches. In this instant we have to deusar our power of comment and, figurative, to use all the directions to paradescobrir the recondite suffering of the person. The therapeutical method of the Sand Game is first, apossibilidade to include the body, so neglected in the analysis or therapy. Through the manual work, creative in the rank and sandbox, ativado in movement not only the body of analyzing, but> the son it is also the witness of this birth, and this is essential.

Exactly the psychically sick people who look to the process curativoatravs of the Sand Game have much difficulty of if even accepting or of sereconhecer. When the analyst recognizes and accepted the scene as part doanalisando, accepted the proper one analyzing. Through the valuation position as which the analyst if comes across with the scene and with the proper one analyzing, she teaches aoanalisando to value the external world and its proper internal world. The amorphous energy of its interiorpor imaginary world of the world becomes Real half concrete, into ours in case that the sand, and transforms concrete essacriao in interior image again. This internal image now has new form, is new creation, therefore the idea, initially amorphous, was if transforming pelafora creative individual taking into consideration the world concretoexistente. Ruth Ammann speaks of three types of conscience: the conscinciaracional, imaginative conscience, being more close to the unconscious one, being, therefore more spontaneous, put into motion and alive of what the rational, factual conscience and one third conscience, the corporal conscience, most difficult deser described in words.

We only can correctly become accessible umdeterminado level of half conscience through its proper one of expression. The corporal conscience only can be lived deeply and descritaacertadamente through the body, very evident in the more occult dance and in the day it postpones, in the experience and movement of the body. We live deeply this corporal conscience in a close relacionamentoamoroso or the relation mother and son, where this subtle, noverbal and very not imagtico exchange of corporal energies happens. It is not to toa that the mother ouo father loads the child aconchegada in the heart or the belly, therefore is naregio of the belly that we experienciamos the center of the corporal conscience. The different described types of conscience are totalmentedesenvolvidos in some people, want to say accessible the therapy of the sandbox.