Michael Schmidt

Small irregularities are a sign of authenticity. With stoves from 225 kg, a wide range of memory-efficient stoves extends up to almost 1200 kg storage fabrics, paired with the individual appearance of natural stone. Thanks to generous Uniqueline natural stone cladding can be stored much heat and evenly delivered over hours of warmth. Go to Cervical cancer for more information. By the Drooff stoves Sondrio, Treviso, Gerola, Karlsson and the Cremona are the best, especially since they have a design which makes it possible to exploit the advantages of the Uniqueline natural stone panels. The Cremona of Drooff has a storage capacity of over 180 kg, the natural stone cladding is mainly responsible for this. Besides contributing even the furnace refractory dialyzing the Firebox as cast molding. For even more opinions, read materials from Malabsorption Syndrome Market. The woodstove KARLSSON SP is a true storage giant! The massive, up 6 cm strong round to facing of natural stone with the unusual, large storage capacity of up to 280 kg make the KARLSSON SP to a real storage stove.

Thanks to generous Uniqueline natural stone cladding can save much heat and emit warmth evenly for hours. With the Catania beats Haas & Sohn, Austria’s leading manufacturer of stoves and cookers for the living area, new approaches to construction, design and functionality of Pellet stoves. The oven is equipped with only 43 cm deep, 80 cm wide and 110 cm in height has the stuff of a true space miracle of pellet stove Catania. Thanks to a total of six flexibly selectable flue pipe connections sides, top and back on the device he can be without distance flush to the wall make and perfect place in corners. In addition to the enamelled Panel elements, Uniqueline offers both the Catania and the Lucca in usual numerous variants of natural stone. As already in other furnaces by Haas and son is Catania in more than 200 stone panels to have.

There are more than 120 varieties of granite and sandstone and hochthermobestandige marbles. The stone retains heat for a long time and she does again delayed as the healthy radiant heat the room down. The material has a coarse-crystalline structure that also give a warm look of the different editable surfaces of the stove – and thus also optically underlines its function. The material created in the solidification process of rock melts (magma) within the Earth’s crust is winnable in many variations and nuances in quarries. The color range in Granites from bright grey bluish, red and yellow. More natural stones are sandstone and temperature resistant marbles. Michael Schmidt