Written by the Vatican tour guide co-authored with Rabbi Benjamin Blechem work entitled 'Sistine Secrets: Forbidden messages that Michelangelo left in the heart of the Vatican' stand For two Italian editions, and recently was first published in English. This book is the result of a six-year study, which Dolinera pushed the surprising discoveries made by him in 1999 when the chapel was opened after restoration. Two characters that were previously mistaken for the Greek 'Alpha' and 'Omega', turned out to be Hebrew letters, and the scene of the Last Judgement, which Michelangelo depict the altar, he found the figures of two Jews. Otkreschivayas attributed to him by the desire 'to cash in on the phenomenon of' The Da Vinci Code 'Roy Doliner said he had begun his research long before there was a book by Dan Brown, and at first was' the biggest skeptic in the world. " But gradually, "he Michelangelo 'began to convince him that he noticed the coincidence is not accidental. Doliner notes 'layering' of works of the Florentine master, which unites his genius with the genius of the Talmud. Michelangelo five centuries ago, 'Rome was trying to recall that Christ was a Jew and that at the heart of Christianity is Judaism ', while the Holy See tried very hard "to separate the two religions." As in Florence dominated opposite manners, in the position of the artist and was a political component. Moreover, Doliner convinced that the order for the chapel ceiling painting by Michelangelo began to offer that can not be to refuse: a more prestigious painting on the walls farmed out to other artists, and Michelangelo agreed only out of fear of Pope Julius ii, who was nicknamed 'formidable'.

Side murals dotted with hidden insults Address hated pontiff. According Dolinera, during my long creative life, Michelangelo had never used the services of female models and female figures he had never succeeded. All this, coupled showing sodomites, which, together with Dante appeared in the heavens on a fresco by Michelangelo, points out that Michelangelo was a homosexual. Through the efforts of the artist in the heart of the Catholic Church was a place and Jewish prophets and pagan Sibyl. Only with the help of sophisticated casuistry and some tweaks Michelangelo managed to avoid the papal wrath.