Montse Ceide

And I remember: I operate in my change I wish to see in the world. Rather than continue feeling victims of circumstances, in place of judging the neighbor, instead of criticising how goes the country and convict looking for culprits and thus feed the disease (our planet) focus on a life filled with love. So in my opinion it is important to start serious work of forgiveness. Strive to forgive and bless those circumstances and people that we believe have brought us our wounds for so liberate ourselves from the chains of the victimhood, and forgive us for everything thing in what we believe to be guilty (most of the fruit of our perception and our imaginary conclusions). Does everytime someone tamper with us and not like us, look for the message that is really offering us that person, which is what I have not yet healed or accepted that this person is me remembering? So let us grow confidence in ourselves and in our inner master, the great creator that dwells within us, with the certainty that will give us everything we need to evolve and live in harmony, well-being and love. A living healthy on a planet sanitized, we sustain that loving vision to the world. We must be the change we wish to see. Montse Ceide achieving your Personal peace, your wealth and your original copyright quality of life and source of the article..