Moving Needles

Thus, the top of any carpet in the formation of the surface is a huge inexhaustible wealth of combinations, allowing designers to be creative in choosing the right carpet to the situation. Please visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. if you seek more information. Needle-punched carpet carpet manufacturing process determine the name of this group carpeting. Needles used for needle-punched carpet, do not have ears. Instead, they have a notch tip along the entire length, which when driving needles up and down capture and entangle fibers such way that they can form a compact fiber, which is held together by friction between the fibers. The manufacturing process begins with the formation of carpet sort of spider web, which is a unrelated pieces of fiber (staple) a length of about 10 cm, continuously distributed across the entire width of the moving assembly line. Conveyor belt moves them to the place where one layer is superimposed on the other, forming larger and thicker material. Between them, as in a sandwich, lay the canvas, which stitch, and he goes into the machine, where it passed between two plates. Fixed bottom plate has many holes, the location of which corresponds to location jagged needles on the moving top plate.

As it passes between the plates of the material penetrated by needles, which capture the fibers and dragged them through the canvas. To get a good carpet required from 800 to 1200 punches per square inch (1 inch = 2.54 cm). After leaving the machine on the back of carpeting is applied or adhesive agent, or a thin layer of latex (rubber), which after application .