Norwegian Fjord

The sunniest island in Croatia Hvar holiday is not only the name of the island, but also the name of the largest city on the Croatian island of the same name. There are a number of beautiful resorts on the island of Hvar. Who loves crowds and party, which should take city Hvar more under the magnifying glass. With winter about 5,000 residents, it will quickly over 50000 people who book apartments or apartments on the island of Hvar in summer with all tourists from all over the world. But there are 5 star hotels are demand by the appropriate clientele. City such as cocktail bars and beach clubs with the trendy locations in Hvar Hvar town of the younger generations a reputation. Those seeking Sun and relaxation rest, which is best placed in Zavala.

Zavala a picturesque village on the South side of the island of Hvar offers holidaymakers a beautiful backdrop in untouched nature, many beautiful beaches, but no hotels and no mass tourism highlight this place on the island. Zavala is primarily to rest, relaxation, recreation and enchanting crystal-clear sea, which invites to swimming, diving and snorkeling. For boaters, Vrboska again is an interesting address. Vrboska scores with the safest port on the island, inner winding length in the island like a Norwegian Fjord on approx. 4 kilometres until the safe harbour is reached. In Vrboska, there is also an ACI Marina in the owner also Hibernate their boats can be. Nevertheless, no matter where you on Hvar vacationing, also for your selection criteria There certainly the right place. Hvar culinary didn’t leave also much to offer something out of the ordinary, who do without French fries with ketchup or Majo and is ready and try delicious, Hvar Island Hvar for gourmets, before the local delicacies such as E.g.

lobster, lobster, Scorpion fish and goat meat are tried. But also veal under a lid (Peka) with fresh potatoes tastes excellent. One thing is certain, therefore, who has tried the above delicacies on Hvar will need to rethink its own menu. The ordered a bottle (0, 75 l) Petrovac Plavac mali, special who would Crown the great food with a fantastic wine, Edition, when this bottle get wine at all. It is a very special wine from the island of Hvar, whose ancient vines, like olive trees are over 100 years old and so thick, protrude from white sandy earth. There are not more than five hundred a year 0, 75 l flat of this top wine. This dry and taninhaltige red wine the i is also for wine connoisseurs icing of the evening, or even the day after the above delicacies. Travel to Hvar who undertakes a journey on the island of Hvar and are billeted in a private apartment or a holiday home, which is also a large feeling of freedom and appreciate. Casual other specifications such as breakfast is served in the hotel, can explore the Dalmatian Island 70 miles long and about 10 km wide and the day after own interests be made. Because Hvar is relatively close to the Mainland can be reached in a pleasant time. The island of Hvar is suitable for all ages, whether young or old, on Hvar is something for every generation. eljko Petrovac