Objective: Save Public Health

Public, accessible and quality healthcare is one of the best indicators of the Spanish welfare state. Its almost universal coverage and good results make that these accolades are not only left in the paper: is also one of the best valued by the citizens services. The reality of the accounts, however, offers a different image; of a public health with a debt that experts estimated at about 11 billion euros. It is a chronic deficit the autonomies – responsible for its management – trying to tackle. An injection of funds that meet that hole (something that has been done at other times) is practically unworkable at this time of cramped, so the margin for manoeuvre is limited short-term. Managers are implementing measures of savings and cuts, but without a change of concept and an improvement in efficiency can put at risk the quality of a system of international prestige. Yesterday, PSOE and CiU agreed to define criteria that allow greater transparency and savings in healthcare. The Socialists were prepared to go to agreement with Catalan nationalists in this matter. Source of the news:: objective: save the public health