Thus becoming the philosophy of queen of sciences to that it presents clear symptoms of autismo or serious psychotic riot. What we do not want. As I am not of the opinion nor of the generation that wants to be known as closed the dialogues and the form established in the memorandum of understanding of education and ticket of philosophy I act as a lawyer vehemently that the philosophy can have its necessity and still serve for something since that either convicta of that needs and for yesterday of if adjusting what is said today and using of its past to compose the gift and to think the future as make all other sciences in innumerable areas of knowing. Not of more sacralizar philosophers to keep unbroken its descontextualizadas teses and nor more to want purismo of speech. We have that forming in them and entering in the ingredient of the great cake that is the understanding of our reality giving not only palpites, but considering ways and plans that pass of a retoricidade for a good and aprazvel rhetoric, in more direct words, we have and we can be more active. Without this transformation, without this dolorida kafkiana metamorphosis (the approach with literature is an excellent way) we will be, of a time for all, descompensada and disarmed species for the world, in harder words: parts not so attractive of museum. It does not advance to give a F5 in the philosophy as it was, therefore the philosophy as before it has its days already all counted ones and our way is if to adapt as Arnaldo would say Antunes at inspired moment, who knows for the proper sensation that the philosophy, for what it represented and already made still can give some contribution, but since that she is new, what it has been seen for there since spring in Arabia until Brazil where a left each day more is accused with right. what we will say the respect? We will repeat Maquiavel or elaborate speeches that are without pretension to understand the reality all, but the multiple contexts surround that it? Now choice question is alone and I twist very so that philosophy does not turn a fossil stranger forgotten as lost link some age human being I twist very exactly!

Obesity And Infertility In Women

If you are overweight or obese is necessary to address the obesity problem of wanting to get pregnant before, at least reach a BMI of less than 29. Although weight loss is most convenient to help improve their fertility, is not unique. It must also be diagnosed by a doctor specialized in these cases. There are many diseases related to obesity and overweight women, who are directly involved with getting pregnant one of the possible problems that may occur include: polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and hypothyroidism up to Defects luteal phase or excessive estrogen. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a disease of the endocrine system leading to the development and growth of cysts in the ovaries.

To be able to accurately diagnose PCOS, women must submit, at least, two of the following symptoms: Irregular menstruation? Ovary elongated and larger, with cysts? Because androgen excess to high blood insulin levels, the ovaries release too much androgen and this could eventually lead to an excess facial hair growth, weight gain and infertility. Women with PCOS have an increased risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Hypothyroidism is characterized by abnormal hormone production from the thyroid gland. Because their metabolism is regulated by the thyroid gland, this disease commonly causes people to gain weight and then they will be very difficult to lose excess weight gained in the past. This condition also causes their periods become irregular and sometimes it can disrupt or even clear ovulation. Luteal phase defect is a disease that is responsible to interrupt or disrupt the menstrual cycles of women and the proper development of the endometrium, which is vital for the woman in question could become pregnant. During the second half of a woman’s menstrual cycle, the corpus luteum will to produce progesterone to thicken the endometrium.

The luteal phase defects occur when this process is interrupted by two or more days. Progesterone levels are disrupted, resulting in abnormal menses. Women with asthma should be a medical consultation with a specialist to control your hormone levels. Estrogen Excess Estrogen is a sex hormone produced mainly in women’s reproductive organs. Since estrogen is produced by fat cells, women who are obese or overweight have higher amounts of estrogen in your system normal weight women. Excess estrogen may be caused by a variety of factors, which may include: Eating a diet rich in meat containing synthetic estrogen, dairy and packaged foods. It is recommended that obese women are treated first the weight problem either with nutritionists and specialists in weight reduction or performed Bariatric surgery or as to the weight loss is healthy and has no risks to get a successful fertility treatment.

Massage And Health

Believe that the current community – a community of people with many diseases of the spine. And so it happens. Lack of muscle activity at a high level of stress, which is also in itself takes forces, and in general a permanent seat in the repetitive positions, such as, by the way, for the pc – everything is extremely negative impact on human health. And almost without exception, the person who work in office, may suffer from regular swelling of extremities, pain in the spine and neck, and the addition of the heart muscle. The cause of these ailments, nevertheless, often considered a disease of the ridge.

Often, however, to treat such ailments or problems are not need to pass a difficult treatment – you need only to increase the scope of physical activity, I mean, trite to make a specific list of training that focuses on core muscles pumping back and, of course, manual therapy. Direct manual therapy, and classic massage provides an opportunity not only to escape from the painful symptoms, but also drastically reduces the general health of the organism. It is no secret that the very many individuals who, during their working day maximum time spent in the same state, not just spin at the end of the day numb and aching, but often temporal pain. The reason for their appearance – the lack of air in the head brain. This is due to the fact that the ridge is in the wrong position, and for this reason that stops blood flow to the brain. In this case it is best to help massage, and its performance is so much better than continuity in you get a massage. Truly, someone who constantly performs at least be brief morning exercises and chooses massage feels much nicer, in addition, as the psychoanalysts say, a real massage lets get rid of one of a list of the most serious problems of this city-dweller – a lack of physical senses.

In reality, despite the close interaction between themselves, say in a public vehicle, residents are experiencing the modern metropolis on what the probability of not getting to interact with other personas while taking advantage of touch. And in such a force also assist a facial massage. People who opt for a massage, generally perceive themselves as not just more powerful, but also feel more balanced and peaceful. Accordingly, therapeutic massage – is not only a therapeutic effect on body level in our own body, but also a wonderful way of healing the excitement and the acquisition of their own mental balance. Is it possible today to allow themselves the luxury to refuse like this?

Alzheimers Disease

Aluminium in drinking water: A risk of Alzheimer’s disease? Every year, about 200,000 people in Germany suffer from this disease. And the incidence of dementia is growing with the increasing life expectancy of the population. It amounts to only about one thousandth, at sixty it is old already at 45 percent. Main charges will be made in addition to the food via the drinking water after drinking water regulation, and the drinking water standards of WHO, EU is a limit of 0.2 mg per liter, which may not be exceeded if the water is to be used as drinking water. This one assumes that only large amounts of aluminum have an impact on our health.

But also the small, continuous intake of aluminum leads to a rising concentration of aluminium in the brain and thus to the risk of disease. A study by the Institut national de la sante et de la recherche MEDICALE in Bordeaux documented that already the daily dose of 0.1 mg aluminium restricts our cognitive abilities. How reliably protect from aluminum in drinking water? The tap water with the water softening before treated and then reverse osmosis is generally prepared for pure, will water. It removes the germs, pesticides, herbicides, hydrocarbons and salinity. Reverse osmosis does but not sufficient protect against aluminum – deposits in the brain.

On the contrary. Reverse osmosis water is acidic and not suitable for human consumption, because the nerve-damaging aluminium has the ability to accumulate in the body. Suitability of water in relation to the purification of reading in ppm measured in mS/cm for the detoxification and excretion 0-70 great 0-140 moderately suitable for the detoxification and drainage suitable 70 125 140 250 no longer sufficient for the detoxification and excretion 125 250 250 500 no detoxifying and out-conductive properties more available 250 600 500 1200 water can deposit in the body lead to > 600 > 1200 only through a thorough cleaning of the tap water with reverse osmosis, for example with the triwaclean ro, as well as a treatment, for example with the triwaclean stage AquPlus, reaches the purified water a pH of 9-9.5. Thus, it neutralizes the excess acids in the body and the aluminum can no longer accumulate. * Before the filtering particles approx. 310 to 1 million water molecules come (310 ppm) and after filtering, are less than 5 particles per 1 million water molecules (5 ppm) left.

Objective: Save Public Health

Public, accessible and quality healthcare is one of the best indicators of the Spanish welfare state. Its almost universal coverage and good results make that these accolades are not only left in the paper: is also one of the best valued by the citizens services. The reality of the accounts, however, offers a different image; of a public health with a debt that experts estimated at about 11 billion euros. It is a chronic deficit the autonomies – responsible for its management – trying to tackle. An injection of funds that meet that hole (something that has been done at other times) is practically unworkable at this time of cramped, so the margin for manoeuvre is limited short-term. Managers are implementing measures of savings and cuts, but without a change of concept and an improvement in efficiency can put at risk the quality of a system of international prestige. Yesterday, PSOE and CiU agreed to define criteria that allow greater transparency and savings in healthcare. The Socialists were prepared to go to agreement with Catalan nationalists in this matter. Source of the news:: objective: save the public health


She accomodated a cannula in the installed catheter of the previous day, bound the machine and she started the procedure. I gave attention eagerly to everything, in a feeling of fear, but reliable also unrestricted. Engenhoca produced a noise monotonous, modorrento, hipnotizante. The nurse sat down it the side and started to turn pages a magazine. I tried to pull one conversinha to move away sleep, but I perceived that it more was interested in the magazine. The weighed eyelids had been being each time more, uncontrollable weighed.

I closed the eyes per some instants I breathed deeply, gostosamente. When April the eyes again, nurse already was of foot analyzing the collected material. – Excellent collection. Congratulations! Exclamou it. – Already it finished? That hours are? – eighteen hours! It slept you as an angel! Four hours if had passed in one to close of eyes. I remembered that during madorna I dreamed of my Julia son, at the time with six years of age. I bound for it: – I dreamed of you, Julinha! In the dream you sang for me one cantiga of wheel that learned in escolinha.

– How he was cantiga? – I do not remember. It spoke of flowers, plantinhas. – All cantiga of child speaks of flowers! – Pra Sings one seeing if it was the one that I dreamed! it sang: – Rosemary/golden Rosemary/That it was born in the field/Without being sown The life to the times in the reserve inexplicable only situations e. He was cantiga of my dream. – It sings more a bit! I asked for. it sang It repeated! It repeated It interrupted me to the nurse: – You it is well? – I am very well! Respondi. – And the tears? I passed the hands in the face and perceived filetes of hot tears rolling on my perplexity, my encantamento. The transplant was carried through successfully. Two months after, I received high hospital in definitive character. Later, in colloquy with friends, bradei with illegitimate altivez: – The year of 2004 is a chapter that I will pull out of the book of my life! Interlocutors talked back wisely: – Book pages do not pull out! The direction of the plot is taken off. It does not mutilate the book of its life! Famous cooks use in its prescriptions unexpected ingredients, bitter grass, to give to its plates flavors special. The spices are always bitter or spiced Today I will have supper lombo to the gravy of grass. of rosemary.

Lord Antonio Canovas

In this essay, I coining the expression W (victimhood Basque). This essay will focus on the Act of 1876, which affected the Basque provinces. The analysis that I do is going to focus on the provinces of Alava, Guipuzcoa and Vizcaya. The law was decreed by the Lord Antonio Canovas del Castillo, President of the Council of Ministers of Spain during the period that goes from 1876 to 1897.Fue one of the most influential figures of the second half of the 19th century Spanish policy. The 1876 Act makes reference to the Basque provinces should contribute both to the Royal Treasury as the Spanish army. Even though the work focuses in reference to the law of July 21, 1876, it is important to know that to carry it out was essential previous compliance as set forth in the law of October 25, 1839.

The law of 1876 occupies a relevant place in the fact that the Basque country would not be prostrate before their greatest enemy, the powerful Spanish State, although Canovas del Castillo showed no a priori side those who pressed intensely from different spheres of Spanish society and its institutions, what they wanted was the President abolished the Basque foral regime. Canovas del Castillo respected to the extent possible the sensitivity of the Basque provinces and the intention of these that the foral regime be maintained. The idea of the President was that the Basques should contribute to lifting loads (fiscal and military) like the other territories of the Kingdom and was open and friendly to negotiate how to carry out the above-mentioned contributions. For a Basque nationalist Lord, the Basque country is their homeland, belongs to a people owner of itself that it does not recognize or abides by another type of sovereignty and that it will never accept tyranny and servitude that no town is more than another.

GAL & Lalos Among Top 101 Streaming Companies

Magazine streaming media calls the most important European companies streaming media has the G & L geissendorfer & Lalos GmbH in the list of the 2012 streaming media Europe 101 “recorded. The international trade magazine one the Cologne House G & L to the Europe most important companies in the streaming business. The editors and publisher of the magazine have rated 220 companies according to their importance for the European market the most important 101 companies can be found on the list. Of course we are pleased that we are led as medium-sized companies in addition to Akamai, Amazon, Apple, the BBC, Facebook, Google, limelight and Samsung in the top 101”, as Alexander Leschinsky, Managing Director of G & L. Total 63 European companies or those found 101 with European roots in the top. Among Europeans, there are only five companies, otherwise mainly British, French and Scandinavian. The remaining companies are headquartered in the United States almost all, but strong represented on the European market.

The list of the 2012 streaming media Europe 101 “is the first time in the European winter issue of streaming media magazine published and based on the top 100 in the American Edition. The Publisher of streaming media Europe have announced that the lineup will be released annually from now on. The 2012 streaming media Europe 101 “on the Web: Articles/Editorial/Featured-Articles/The-2012-Streaming-Media-Europe-101-86502.aspx G & l since 1999 the G & L geissendorfer & Lalos GmbH transmits audio and video on the Internet. So, the system House for streaming, software development and Internet services makes content channels, but also of companies and management, live or available worldwide on-demand radio and television programmes as well as cultural and sporting events or conferences and corporate events.

Tips Sport

Dieting is not an easy task. Dieting involves a sacrifice and effort that only those who have done any diet we know. 1.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal, an internet resource. In this article we give 4 tips. 1. Positive attitude and not go hungry. Hunger is the great enemy of the regimes. When you pass hunger humor changes us and we become more angry.

We are cannon fodder to break the Association diet table. Be optimistic and trust in its possibilities. 2. Make sport. There to do sport and move. The sport has to be part of our life.

Don’t have because join a gym, can walk, down the stairs, play with our children, go to walking, riding bikes, etc, etc. Move is the most important. If we joined a fitness center the ideal would be to combine the ejerciio with cardio aerobic. 3. The food. You can eat everything in moderation. If you look at the Association diet chart you will see that all foods are allowed, only you have to respect the dissociation of the food groups. The best way to Cook is baked, steamed or grilled. Avoid frying and batters at all costs. Reduce the salt, Since it retains liquid and get at least 5 meals a day. 4 Plan. If you are working outside the home cook something and lleveselo to work. Lack of planning is causing that end up eating poorly and spending unnecessary money that us would well serve for other things. See the Association diet menu for planning meals

Holistic Help

Acupuncture has existed since thousands of years ago and is a part of traditional Chinese medicine.Many women who are struggling to get pregnant turn to acupuncture and holistic methods to help to become pregnant.Fertility problems are a concern for many men and women, to solve these problems turn to acupuncture and other holistic methods that may be the right answer. Methods of acupuncture and holistic help with pregnancy? Find out in this article the practice of traditional Chinese medicine has been accepted in Western practices and continues to spread worldwide as a way to heal common ailments.Fertility problems are an area that is being helped by acupuncture.The needles used in acupuncture are not getting pregnant.The needles are used to eradicate the level of negativity in the patient to enable that body is available and allow conception. Acupuncture has been found to help at the men and women struggling with infertility and has helped them to think.In general, older women who have decided to try to have a child, are giving this method each time more and more due to the success rate. Acupuncture in combination with other methods such as adding certain herbs holistic, changes in lifestyle, changes in diet, etc, have demonstrated their effectiveness in helping the conception and pregnancy. For women who have problems with fertility as a result of a hormonal imbalance or blockages in the fallopian tubes, methods of acupuncture and other integrals can help to conceive.Men with low sperm count that hinder conception commonly are treated with acupuncture.In this case, along with herbs, acupuncture is the kidney energy levels. Negativity affects the body on many levels and can lead to various diseases, diseases such as infertility.Instead of treating the symptoms, such as infertility, the methods of acupuncture and other holistic systems try to reach the bottom or the root of the problem.Once the root is treated and dealt with, the problem will not be maintained.If only the symptom is treated, the root can continue producing more and more symptoms by which traditional medicine has difficulty to deal effectively with the problem, since it only deals with the symptoms.