The Mystery Of The Schizophrenia

In order to begin, I want to remember some news that strongly hit the public opinion in the city of Madrid, where alive and because not to say it, also it hit the information in the rest of Spain, although in fact, the misterior of the schizophrenia, is a problem that we can consider world-wide. One is that we can consider an example of certain we say, theoretical insufficiencies, about the mental problems. It is the history of a woman and another story, of a man, that appeared in press and television with few days of difference. And lla, was a young woman, seemed well, that behind schedule it entered the casualty department of the Hospital where it worked and with a knife it attacked, mortally, without mediating word, to another medical one that it was occupying the job, that she had occupied until days ago, arriving even to attack other patients, users who were close. The other case, a man, guard of the forces of the order, went to its command and shot two mortal shots, to the turn official.

It, was diagnosed of Schizophrenia, but anybody the wise person in her hospital. , She was of loss by mental upheavals of conduct and, but she allowed herself him to conserve his official weapon. One is a mental disease, the Schizophrenia, that represents a problem, of first magnitude anywhere in the world, supposedly civilized and, that has an incidence, comparativily greater, than the Alzheimer, the diabetes or the multiple sclerosis. Apparently, one of each one hundred inhabitants of the planet earth, she suffers his effects. Official science, indicates for those cases, medication of by life or at least, periods very prolonged of time, since it does not arrange than we can call, curative treatments, they are only had physical or chemical vests of force. The international organisms of the health, speak of a phantom of variable group of symptoms and they are not decided to classify it like mental disease in as much, maintain the controversy open if the mental upheaval it brings about cerebral changes or if the cerebral changes bring about mental diseases.

Customized Gifts

These are good ideas to make gifts of birthday so that receives that it feels like a special individual by means of the presentation of them with something customized, unique, and thought well. It thinks about a gift that brings memories remarkable instead of to act as. You wish that the adressee associates the gift of birthday with his personality, as well as to provide an entertainment to him without equal or that offers a breathing to him of daily stress. A good idea of the birthday gift is to choose a subscription to the magazine. This way, you are fomenting one of his likings or I interest yes is the case, as well as something is offered that will last until its next birthday. Hundreds of magazines are available so that they agree with the personality of the homenajeado one.

You can decide on an artistic magazine on crafts, poetry, ceramics, improvements for the home and decoration, photographs artistic, painting, etc. Also can be sport magazines which vary of sports and others practices like yoga and bicycles, basketball, soccer and many more. Another option is the magazines of trips that show beautiful photographies, along with fascinating products. Another idea for a gift of original birthday is assembly of an assortment of smaller gifts about central. Its fellow worker, cousin, or it enchants to neighbor to see it films? You can buy some popcorn packages of microwaves, a great pop corn bowl, caramel mixture, and a DVD that he can get to enjoy. Its sister, uncle, or his better friend only deserves a day of rest? He chooses perfumed essential oils, small candles, and comfortable slippers to orchestrate a relajante bath that drains the tension. His friend or relative without a doubt can appreciate a gift that means to spend more time with you.

To pass of purchases or entrances for an event, park, museum, or amusement park is a safe way to persuade them to take free time and to amuse themselves. The children enchant to them zoological parks, observatories, parks and wild life. You can take to the adults to cinema or a small play or a concert of weekend in a public place. In order to have one more a more elegant exit, he considers the possibility of a stroll in a small airplane of tourism or, if it is possible, a trip in train by several places. If the person is somebody that thinks that it has everything, it tries to find an apparatus that has been invented recently. Perhaps they would thus like a wristwatch or something. Other ideas for unique gifts include customized articles. To order a cup of coffee with a photo of its mascot a pillow or dressing gown embroidered with its name.

Little Red Riding Hood

Many of you have read this story in my childhood. Many people know this story as a fairy tale for adults. But once, many centuries ago (probably during the time of Atlantis), this tale was a completely different meaning. It was in the old town in trees to the songs of birds. Most often it is not long came to the grandmother and the rest of the day spent in nature. For some reason, long linger in her visit she did not like, as well as her father (when they both attended my mother's mother, he difficulty finding common ground with her).

His father is no longer seen. One overcast weekend, he decided to come back in one his wife's mother and since then it had seen no one. As in those fairy tales that you know, this legend was also a wolf. In fact, the story was not about Little Red Riding Hood, and about him. Some people tend to distort the event in its own way and in his own defense, with those so that the meaning is the opposite. Something similar happened to this fairy tale.

This The wolf was very old, and those people are old-timers who have seen it long ago, said that while he was as old as they are now: on this, or who could not imagine how old he is. He could remember when the forest where he lives, was young. How does a first-neighbors animals, as after two fires and a forest recovering from them. He remembers how the first humans came near the forest, he remembers how the forest has helped people and how people helped the forest. The forest was really his House, and Wood, in turn, saw him as their master, the owner, if needed, perform the dirty work – cleaning the forest from the fact that the forest did not bring good, rather, on what was beginning to hurt the Forest.

Secret Camera

In March 1993, German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink conducted tests of its new robot archaeologist inside the pyramid of Cheops. Upuat robot (which in Egyptian means "a guide to the world") was instructed to climb through a narrow shaft, inaccessible to humans, and in every possible way to explore them. In fact, in the Great Pyramid of such mines abound: it vents to help in the burial chamber of Pharaoh, for example, maintained a constant temperature. Rudolph ran Upuata into the shaft, extending from the so-called "Queen's Chamber" – a ritual space, in which, however, no queen ever had. No surprises were expected: the robot simply had to go on surface (cleared, by the way, the channel that, in principle, it is useful for the microclimate of the pyramid). However, soon after the introduction of the researcher in mechanical tunnel Egyptologists the world almost had a stroke: Upuat buried in the door of white limestone, with metal parts. This discovery immediately proclaimed "the discovery a decade." It was assumed that the door is the same "secret chamber" of which now go for about a century archaeological legend! For example, an American researcher John Kinnaman pieamid before his death, said that in 1926 he found in the desert, sanded passage to a "technical room" of the pyramid of Cheops, where he had seen similar to mechanisms objects. However, the authorities forbade him to publish the discovery and re-filled entry.

Relatively recently, the French geophysicists definitely found a suspicious voids inside the pyramid of Cheops. AND But in 1993 Gantenbrink robot is getting closer to a possible door into a secret chamber … And suddenly, the study was discontinued! Without explaining the reasons, the Egyptian authorities have banned further drilling. To date, the "door Gantenbrink "-the most urgent mystery of the pyramid of Cheops. With regard to what is behind it, build a variety of assumptions from the tomb of Cheops mother, which holds no treasure estimates, and ending with a hangar, in which left its construction equipment aliens. In any case, it is clear that tourists there be allowed a very, very soon. Source:

Romantic Appointment

If you’re making friends through the internet and want to know to you chia her or boy of your dreams, do not start a talk by saying that your name Pedro if in fact your name Carlos, in all case invents a nickname acting as a nickname. This is very common on the internet. This way if the relationship is to flourish you save having to say something as well as I confess that my name isn’t really Carlos, but Abdullah. The best thing in these cases is to use held some nickname associated with a character, like Cinderella, Archi, or even Don_Gato, preferably one that somehow suits your personality. I do not advise you Superman for obvious reasons. You try to be general and keep you away from specific. The human brain is undoubtedly something amazing.

It is capable of processing and storing a wide spectrum of information that would be the envy of the most powerful of computers. But due to the large flow of information, our memory is very selective. This means that we are not able – at least consciously- store every thing we hear or see. Do not trust too much in your memory when it comes to chat through the network. You can get to know many people on the internet and conversaras with several of them. Therefore unless you have an extraordinary memory, it will not be simple to remind everyone with their respective details. Or worse yet, you might be confused and mix aspects of one and another person.

For example, could not be well confused the name of a person or ask for details that not that, but someone else been revealed to you. In the event you keep talks with different people, never forget to write a summary of each one and save it in a place where you can easily access. When you add new people to your contact list, use names or nicknames that help you quickly remember every friend or friend with who have maintained a talk on earlier dates. Now well, in the event that really do not remember the person, it is not advisable to start to play the fortune teller. You could hurt feelings or even offend with a question of do you’re Sara type or Mary? Are you Eduardo, Miguel or Ernesto?In these cases when you encounter in a lapse of memory, the best thing you can do is be honest and say I remember that we talked a few days ago, but not exactly that we are talking about you could refresh my memory?

Mountain Bike Cycling

Mountain biking is an excellent physical activity that is not only enjoyable, but you can keep fit and in shape all year round. Although it can be a daunting task to find the right bike for your needs, there are some things that can help with the process when looking at mountain bikes. 1. Riding Type The first thing to consider is what type your horse. There are specialized downhill bikes are not ideal for those looking to travel paved or packed trails.

At the same time, a lightweight cross-country bike will not be able to handle the stresses of rough trails. Think about what kind of routes that are mainly riding. 2. How much suspension? The next thing to consider when looking at mountain bike suspension is the amount you would like. Full suspension bikes provide the most versatility, but many riders prefer hard-tail bikes because they are more comfortable for distance riding.

Hard-tailed bikes, which have set the suspension rear, also have less maintenance. 3. Components The most important components to look are mountain bike forks, gears, brakes and wheels. Each of these components are interchangeable and can be updated so it is even more important that you speak with an expert to determine what is appropriate for the type of riding you will do. Also have a look at the shocks and the handlebars. 4. Budget The final thing to consider is your budget. First, we must consider the initial cost to buy a mountain bike. From there you can start thinking about the costs of maintenance and upgrades you want to do. Just know high-end bikes often require less maintenance and fewer updates, while low-end bikes will cost more on the way with upgrades and maintenance.

Santa Catarina

The drugs had assaulted its brain. The vendido artist more of history died needily. Not he died due to the necessary one nor due to superfluous. Emotional spiritual and in way to the wealth died of misery. Digenes de Snope, a Greek philosopher of 412 a.C, made of the extreme poverty a virtue. It lived in a surrounded barrel of dogs. It walked with a night light looking for a honest man.

It wanted to desbancar the institutions of a society that it saw as corrupt. Digenes was famous for its history with Alexander, the Great one. Digenes was taking sun bath. Alexander when finding made it it shade. It asked what it could make for it.

In what Digenes answered ' ' You do not take off me what pods not to give to me! That is, ' ' sol&#039 leaves me it mine; ' Alexander that is educated for Aristotle, perceived the size of its arrogance, felt that he did not pass underneath of a poor devil of this sun that is born for all. Digenes wanted to be self-sufficient. Its phrase more celebrates is ' ' In the house of a rich one it does not have place to cuspir itself, not to be in its cara' ' He will be that this man was wise calling all corrupt? It and Rockfeller with certainty would not have much affinity if they had been born at same time. He would be interessantssimo to testify a dialogue between the two. Men who learn with the errors and rightnesss of the others are privileged, think I to be one of them. Not necessary to put the mouth in the hot soup and to burn the language if already I observed several to be burnt by it. We have that to look to justice waiting one he does not reward from fear or of the punishment, as they nail some religions. Let us treat to all with humanity. We are all made of the same adobe, it does not import the social maquiagem. ' ' It in them imposes the great truth of that we are all poor worms and that we inhabit in adobe houses and we are jammed as traa.' ' J 4,19 the test biggest of this is the ambient catastrophe of Rio De Janeiro and Santa Catarina.

Tips for Dealing with Autism

Autism affects many people in the world each year, and there is still so much that we need to learn about it.  Many people raising a child with autism feel alone and they don’t know where to turn for assistance and guidance.  But no one has to be alone with their situation – there is help that can be provided for the family dealing with autism. Here are some tips to begin.

Find out about support groups in your area for people who are dealing with autism.  Getting together with other parents can help any family. You can express yourself and learn about how others are dealing with their issues as they arise.

If you find that there is no such group in your area – form one.  There are probably other parents who will be so relieved if you create a group where you can all share.

Start to get newsletters about autism and sign up for online materials and information. The more that you know and the more tips that you have at your disposal – the more prepared you’ll be for daily living and for things as they arise.

You don’t need to feel alone with autism – there is assistance out there. It’s just a matter of waking up to it and finding the advice that you need.