Pharmaceutical Field

Despite present place lacks the perspective everyone is different! This rule also applies to the pharmaceutical field. However, certain types of employees can be identified. Using the results of client assessments, their divisions especially the Ravager is striking. The scheduled implementation of the sales targets based on the ability of pharmaceutical consultants, a most pronounced quality of care in the key areas of “Interviewing”, to create “Competence” and “Service orientation”. Quality care is defined from the relationship of satisfaction with the sales services in relation to the importance of having the areas related performance characteristics for the supervised doctors generated when the target persons (customer care quality score, CQS). In particular the balance of matching balance sheets is crucial for the quality of care in addition to the General capabilities of field staff. You describe the degree of congruence of own image consultant and Doctor external image.

A validated measurement instrument for determination of both sizes of CQS and matching footprint is the regional customer satisfaction analysis (, which enables the implementation of employee-related Betreuungsqualitats assessments. Four basic types of employees can be identified depending on the achieved quality of care. A type is the “Ravager”, the CQS care values between 0% and 50% is. His work binds hardly customers and harm the company’s image overall. A high own image image mismatch (see figure) is particularly striking in this group. So are these Pharma consultants only in a position to identify 38% (importance) customer requirements correctly and adequately allocate scored satisfaction at their targets to only 36%. The dramatic for the sales work: approximately 15% of Pharma speakers belong to this class. Klaus-Dieter Thill / IFABS