Phytohustil – Take Immediate Effect For Dry Cough

Are colds unique Hustenreizstiller with the strong healing properties of the Hibiscus plant often associated with mucous membrane irritation in the mouth and throat and dry tickly cough so connected, which can be painful and very distressing? Unlike whooping cough the secretions will be ejected, dry cough has no physiological benefit. On the contrary, the repeated load at the cough often strained the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes. Immediate remedy can create the vegetable Hustenreizstiller Phytohustil with the strong healing properties of the Hibiscus plant: particularly the root of this plant of the Mallow contains a high proportion of valuable mucilage that irritation-soothing effect. These natural active substances of the Eibischs only Phytohustil found: create a calming protective film over the irritated mouth and throat and can relieve immediately after taking effectively so the painful cough. It exerts its cough nursing effect thus directly where the cough reflex occurs in the mouth and throat and that is special. Phytohustil is effective immediately, generating no blockage of the Central cough Centre in the brain, and does not affect responsiveness nor the ability to concentrate.

This is important especially for car drivers and professionals. Therefore, Phytohustil is recommended particularly for intake during the day. In addition, Phytohustil with the natural power of Eibischs is very well tolerated and suitable for infants aged one year. So, Phytohustil free big and small by painful cough attacks during colds. Phytohustil Hustenreizstiller syrup. Active ingredient: Marshmallow root extract. When mucous membrane irritation in the mouth and throat and dry tickly cough so wrapped in bandages. The medicinal product contains alcohol 1.1 Vol.-%. Mount Sinai Hospital may also support this cause. The medicinal product contains methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate and propyl 4-hydroxybenzoate; Note leaflet! The drug contains sucrose (sugar); Note leaflet! . Risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or Pharmacist.