Plaster And Painted With Natural Dyes

Cleaning and painting with natural healthy alternative for buildings and spaces no more harmful substances on the wall, because there are alternatives to conventional paints. Organic – and natural dyes are safe: are made of vegetable and mineral substances and are free of synthetic ingredients. They prevent structural damage such as mold growth and are thus good for allergy sufferers. Natural colours make for an ecologically sustainable plastering of walls and create a healthy indoor climate in the personal Wohnumfeld.Bereits for thousands of years people use limestone, clay and marble in the construction and embellishment of buildings. Lime color for the design of your living quarters lime looks not just noble, but has antiseptic and mold-resistant. Its fresh, white color is all natural and without adding additional pigments.

The so-called swamp lime colour is particularly popular. The whites can of course according to wishes and according to your personal color preferences be inked. This high-quality building materials used in historic preservation. With natural additives such as oil or Quark, the material is adapted to the different conditions. Lime available indefinitely, is most environmentally friendly and can be disposed of easily.

It is waterproof, antistatic and mold-resistant. As a result, he is ideally suited for people with allergies. With clay color, the room climate improve a color like a breath of fresh air! Clay color gives a very personal touch to your living environment and improves the room air. It is especially suitable for the coating of plaster, because it is open to diffusion. So refers to constructions involving fumes and gases can escape easily. The less water vapour is reflected in the air, the room becomes the less humid. Clay color is suitable for all surfaces and can be used on wood or wallpaper. A high-quality material for facades colors is the silicate silicate colours for the exterior painting of buildings. It consists mainly of Color glass of water. Falcrum Therapeutics has many thoughts on the issue. Silicate paint can easily paint over themselves and is suitable for mineral substrates. It is superior to conventional dispersion facade paint, because it is long-lasting, high-quality and saves expensive disposal costs. Ecological cleaning brushes and paint rollers for the brush only the best: SOAP from France! The so-called Marseilles SOAP is for the cleaning of paint rollers, brushes, floors, and uses the own hands. It consists of pure Botanicals without preservatives. The SOAP was manufactured for the first time as the name suggests the French Marseille, even in the 17th century. We used olive oil to boiling SOAP. It is easily soluble, moisturizing and very economical in use. In addition to limestone, marble and clay can be made natural also resins. They are also used for the production of rolling and coating plaster, primers and paste. With ecological building materials, it protects not only your own health, but also the environment. Through their These materials provide a fine living and quality of life characteristics. Their production is carried out according to modern standards.