For this important scientific immaterial is not the opposite of the material, because as he claims all is the breath of God. a l describes the formation of the material, saying that parts of that breath they are becoming so rigid inert form. However, the bottom line is always that what was called a respiraciona . This breath of God that speaks Durr leads inescapably to the conclusion that there must be a reality in the form of Universal Spirit which can also call God. Surprising as it may seem, scientists have found God. a A quote from Dur r says: een the bottom there is the matter, at least not in the usual sense. Primarily there is only one relationship that is unified without a material base. Also be called a spirit.

Matter and energy are manifested only in the background. In the subatomic quantum world does not exist any object, no matter or any substance, ie things we can touch and entenderu a For many layman, also for many unbelievers, atheists, agnostics even ultimately for each person, Durr conclusive findings should make us think: We are not products of chance or of chance; There is not a distant God in a particular place of heaven, but that this great Spirit is the spiritual force that transcends everything. The renowned Max Planck Nobel physics and spoke of a force that makes all vibrating atomic particles and keeps them together. The existence of a spiritual being very high for him was a conclusion of their investigations and their outcome. to reproduce the exact quote about the famous German physicist: Een my physical nature, ie as a man who has dedicated his life to the sober and cold in the service of science and research of the subject, believe me safe from the suspicion to be an irresponsible fantasy. And I can say as a result of my research on atom, the following: no matter itself. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force, which puts particles into vibration and keeps an atom like the solar system's tiniest atom.

a But as in all the universe there is neither an intelligent nor an eternal force, we must assume behind this force there is a conscious and intelligent mind. This spirit is the primary substance of all matter. It is not visible and perishable matter what is real and true, but the invisible, immortal spirit is the true. But there can be no spirit in it, for every spirit belongs to a being, we must necessarily admit that there are spiritual beings. However, as spiritual beings are not by themselves, but must have been created, do not hesitate to called this mysterious Creator as we have known all civilized peoples of the Earth in the past millennia: Diosu. a