Psicossocial Attention

Taste very of the work developed for the CAPS (Center of Psicossocial Attention), I wait one day to work in this modality of service. In 2009 when she was in the graduation, I carried through not curricular period of training in one known hospital psychiatric of the region of the great Florianpolis the IPQ (Institute of Psychiatry of Santa Catarina), known as the Colony Santana. Learn more on the subject from CEO Mark Thompson. I was 13 months in this period of training and could learn very and to know the hard reality of who lives in an institutionalized life. My work of course conclusion had as subject: The permanence of the treatment in mental health in the psychiatric hospital in the manicomial logic: story of an experience. This TCC was published in the library of the UNISUL, I carried through corrections to improve the writing of the work and rewrote this in the first person of the singular, when these corrections will be finished and the formatted work, I will publish in my site the brought up to date version. In this year I created the site and I am credential for the CFP (Federal Advice of Psychology) to give in my site the psychological services mediated by computer that are regulated by RESOLUTION CFP N 012/2005 as: psychological and affective-sexual orientation, professional orientation, orientation of learning and pertaining to school psychology. I carry through the atendimentos for email or MSN. I can all take care of to people of Brazil and other countries.

Public lathe with much pride my trajectory of life and beginning of professional career, I wait that my experience of life in some way can help motivating people who want to be successful in the life. Many times, for the experience of the other, exactly that this is and is always different of ours, we can seeing in them in a condition to be successful exactly ahead of the difficulties. History is constant and dynamic, we have many possibilities in the life, these possibilities depend on our movement in the world, and alone we can choose as we put into motion in them in the world. From our choices and of as we search to carry through the objectives that we want are that we extend the possibilities to be successful in the life. Difficulties are gifts in the day the day, the important one are not to stop in these. I go to in front continue following, searching to carry through my objectives and creating others, the life continues!