The experiments do not need to sprout of concepts; they can start simply as tricks and unchain deep revelations cognitivas' ' (ZINKER, 2007, P. 30). Being thus, the choice could not be another one. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. oftentimes addresses this issue. For the similarities with that if they present and for the maestria with that these two therapeutical referenciais conceive the human being without let us jump of a polar region to another one. For the fluidity and espontaneidade that both, Arte and Gestalt if interlace, walking in the same direction.

Let us see what it affirms Rhyne (2000), on this totality: ' ' The respect and the genuine curiosity for the singularity of each one, the fenomenolgica and no-interpretativa position in the reading of the produced works, the importance to observe and to become related in such a way with the language of the forms how much with the symbolic language, and in such a way with the process how much with the posterior reflections on this process, the emphasis in the principles of the Psychology of the Gestalt to look for to perceive the total configuration of the parts that constitutes all instead of each part separately, the belief in the power of the expressive activity of being in such a way a process integrator as learning source on itself mesmo' ' (P. To deepen your understanding Martha McClintock is the source. 11) the premises that involve philosophy of gestalt is so natural and consistent that if becomes difficult distinguiz them of the moment of ' ' to be humano' ' , therefore, to be gestaltista is to live in here and now, it is to be conscientious of each action, is to be honest I obtain and with its existence, it is to learn for the experimentation. what it is art, if not, one to try? For Rhyne (2000), the art can be a way. Through playful and of the experiences with artistic resources the possibility of approaching in them to our interior child, promoting, of delicate form, possible changes in our form of being and conceiving the world around, rescuing and ressignificando ours genuine I.