Ramon Gallegos

Spirituality is an internal, immediate and direct experience of our original nature, of the entire membership; builds do not adhere to something external, but take responsibility for own lighting. Dr. Ramon Gallegos nava says that spirituality is the recognition of our pure consciousness, it is the recognition of the whole of life, this (spirituality) has nothing to do with religions, cults, ceremonies or something that looks like you, is a full experience, it is to perceive the wonderful being who dwells within us, is the direct experience of this immeasurable universe, this takes us from the egocentric to the Kosmocentrico, from the personal to the universal, to transcendence. National Pediatric Cancer Foundation takes a slightly different approach. In if you could say that spirituality is self-knowledge, I consider spirituality as essential human nature I believe it is the foundation of all genuine education, spirituality is not religious belief, beliefs are not the essence of spirituality, spirituality is an immediate and direct experience of the transcendent, universal love. Something very important in the perennial philosophy is the triple view of human nature as previously mentioned, we are an integrated whole in body, mind and spirit, where the spirit is the reality based. The transcendental is located in the spiritual, is somewhat abstract, disembodied, difficult to perceive, and for many of us difficult to feel, is qualitative of our being.

Education and spirituality: I think that education should cultivate the healthy growth of the spiritual life since one of the functions of the education is to help understand that everything in life is connected to everything else. In all the great traditions of the world, the ethics of this awareness is expressed with: I what I do to others, I do it myself. The Act empower the person is equally fundamental to the concept of connection. If we are all connected to everyone and everything else, then each person can ever to stimulating a deep sense of connection with others and with the Earth in all its dimensions, the holistic education fosters a sense of responsibility toward it, towards others and towards the planet.