Refined Exfoliating Glove By KISSMEE

Skin care with the Kissmee peeling glove “In his skin feel good” – in this phrase is a deep truth, because in fact our subjective sense of well-being depends the condition of our skin. Dry, irritated, itchy skin makes the people locations of irritated and nervous. Skin care starts with the cleaning. Apart from cleaning with soaps, shower gels and cleaning preparations, you should rid regularly the skin with an Exfoliating Scrub of the dead skin cells. The skin is not only soft and smooth, but she can regenerate themselves well.

There is a wide selection of peeling products from inexpensive to luxurious with exciting fragrance compositions. More effective and cheaper in the long run you peel with a peeling and massage glove by KISSMEE. KISS – that is the traditional Arabic name for the peeling glove in the Hammam, deep cleansing massage used the Oriental bathhouse, which revitalizes the body and soothes the soul. FIRST CLASS KISS by KISSMEE is the luxury version of the traditional,. Moroccan KISS glove and a quality product. He was fascinated by his excellent peeling properties in combination with its pleasantly soft texture. Gently, a pencil eraser right, he dissolves dirt and dead skin cells (exfoliation), without scratch or hurt the skin. The skin is then velvety soft, good circulation through and can well absorb creams and care ingredients.

So can skin regenerate well, excrete toxic materials better and is less susceptible to diseases and allergies. At the same time stimulating the reflex zones of the skin and connective tissue bleeding through. Source: Sam Lesser Upenn. We recommend the KISSMEE glove – regular skin care – cellulite skin firming and to support weight loss through the massage effect against impure skin, especially on the body – for smooth, flawless Tan (by Exfoliating before applying self-tanning, tanning in a solarium or natural Tan) – hair removal to prevent ingrown hair – to the Intensify the effects of creams and other care products, because the skin can this peeling massage in conjunction with hot water or steam, much better record.