Relaxation And Life

Relaxation is a physical, emotional and mental, or expressed more general, physical and psychic state. Actually there is no difference between these two fields, so relaxation is a comprehensive State in which our molecules and atoms acquire a different vibration, a subtlety, balance, producing and feeding on a higher energy. Relax is to let our body is self-regulating and operates in accordance with nature, without intervening. It is an attitude that is cultivated in the journal live. This is the basic principle. Without know how to live in a proper, balanced, conscious, without identification and with a constant managed care, we will hardly succeed in what relaxation practices comes calling. Relaxation in daily life is Basic. We have the tendency to give greater importance to everything what we consider foreign, and forget about ourselves, our inner States.

Our efforts and concerns are channelled towards the material world that surrounds us, or he who We would like that you surround us without realize that real life is not external, but internal. Everything that surrounds us and what we are physically is a reflection of our internal States. The real change does not occur outside and has effects inside, but rather to the contrary. It flows from our psyche and is manifested in everything we are outwardly and surrounds us. What is intended with the relaxation is an improvement of our quality of life, and this we do not mean social and personal but also status and, as a consequence, will be affected. It is rather than improve the quality of our thoughts, feelings and impressions. The course of events that we live, even if we think otherwise, it is hardly we can modify it. Yes we can change is how to live them and thereby its impact and consequences, and this is achieved becoming owners of ourselves, consciously managing our reactions and choosing how we want to feel in each moment.