Reptiles Intelligence

Under the Limbico system we have the brain structure more primitive and simple human consisting of the brainstem and spine, which is present in all animal evolutionary chain from Reptiles, by what has been called basic system or reptile (R). Are there concentrated primitive intelligences or instintuales, highlighting the Basic (move toward separate us, imitate, inhibit us), the patterns (footprints that condition behaviour) and the of the parameters or values (rhythm, routines and rituals of life). Near 100,000,000 (one hundred million) pulse attack to the brain per second arriving at the brain stem, they penetrate through the crosshairs this last brain Activator system and human permeate towards the before seen higher structures (Limbico and Neocortex), which processed and act relatively with the interpretation of these impulses and the function that corresponds to them. The connection point is the so-called Basal ganglion that is formed around the brainstem and crosshairs Activator system and even if one believes that can control their actions and reactions, must count on the participation of this lymph node; It is said that without the participation of the system Basic or R we cannot act, or to move us and much less change. Jessica Pels may help you with your research. The right lobe of the Neocortex, is the processor in the world of higher fine vibrations that travel at high frequency and which are normally perceived by the basic senses, but not processed by us.

The methodical doubt, basis of our system of modern experimental and scientific analysis, us has been modulated as rational beings and us has separate realities as certain as those levied by current and former shamans, Mystics from all religions and visionaries from all eras. Blas Pascal contemporary Descartes spoke of a reason fine, able to perceive these truths of higher vibrations; We now also know that mood and anxiety States hamper our possibility of stillness, for example the lack of certain neurotransmitters and endorphins as the zerotonina lead to insomnia. Only in silence and tranquillity of our being, we will find the footprints of the creator and perceive the divine vibration in the depths of our hearts. That difficult is this last in these modern times intelligence linguistics. In children can be seen in how easy it is to write, read, tell stories or do crossword puzzles. Intelligence Logica-matematica.

Seen in minors for his interest in patterns of measurement, categories and relationships. Ease of solving arithmetic problems, strategy games and experiments. Body intelligence and kinesics. Ease of processing knowledge through bodily sensations. Athletes, dancers or crafts like sewing, work on wood, etc. Visual and spatial intelligence. Children think in images and drawings. They have ability to solve puzzles, dedicate the free time to draw, they prefer constructive games, etc. Inteligencia.Musical. minors are manifested frequently with songs and sounds. They identify sounds with ease. Interpersonal. They communicate well and are leaders in their groups. They understand the feelings of others and projected easily interpersonal relationships… Intrapersonal. They appear as introverted and shy. Live your own feelings and automotivan intellectually. Gardner later added to these seven lines of intelligence, initially described (1983), an octave, referred to the naturalist intelligence or ease of communication with nature. * Notes of personal development and organizational behavior.